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    January 31.2021. World premier of “Unicornios”. Written by Amaranta Osorio based on personal stories of Unicornios Teatro. Directed by Nieves Mateo. Produced by Unicornios Teatro. Centro Cultural Pilar Bardem. Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain.

    February 10, 2021. Dramatized reading of “Click. When everything changes” at  Casa del Lector in Madrid. Matadero Madrid. By the Navarra School of Theater. ASSITEJ.

    February 26 -2021. World premiere of “El grito”. Written by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio. Directed by  Adriana Roffi at the Fernan Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Coproduction Ysarca – Pilar de Yzaguirre and Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Madrid, Spain.

    March -April  2021. Workshop “Breaking the silence” .Université de Franche-Comté. Bessançon. Organized by Erwan Burel.

    March 10,11,12 . Workshop “Niñas que sueñan teatro”. Semilleros Creativos. FONCA. Tlaxcala, Mexico.

    March 18, 19, 20.  Encuentro de Jóvenes Creadores. FONCA. Mexico.

    March 17-20. Participation in the  Festival International de Langues in Besançon, France. Readings of  Ma petite, ma petite chèrie, Vietato dare da mangiare, Ce que je n’ai pas dit.  Sample of the workshop Rompiendo el Silencio given by Amaranta Osorio at the Franche Comté University. France.

    March 26. Talk at Festival Entre Dos Mundos. Italy

    March-April. Workshop Rompiendo el Silencio. Franche Comté University.  The result of the workshop will be performed on April 5th at 15hrs at the Scenacle. Besançon, France.


  • World premier of “El grito” (The scream)

    From February 26 to April 4, 2021- “El grito” at the Fernán Gómez Theater. Cultural Center of the Villa. Madrid, Spain.

    A play that talks about dreams, love and overcoming obstacles. A play that asks why is society incredulous at the testimonies of women?

    Authors: Itziar Pascual y Amaranta Osorio (Commissioned by Pilar Yzaguirre)

    Director: Adriana Roffi

    Actors: Ana Fernández, Elsa Chaves, Nuria García, Óscar Codesido, Lucía Barrado, Alberto Iglesias, José Luis Alcobendas, Pablo Turégano and Carlota Ferrer.

    Coproduction: YSARCA- Pilar Yzaguirre y Teatro Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural del la Villa.

    Premiere in February 2021 at the Fernán Gómez Theater. Cultural Center of the Villa. Madrid, Spain.

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  • Festival International des Langues et des cultures du monde


    FIL 4 -Besançon.

    March 17. Reading of “Ma petite, ma petite chèrie” written by Amaranta Osorio andItziar Pascual. Translated by Antonia Amo and Julie Pérez. Read by Elise Rodriguez. Video

    March 18th. Reading of “Vietato dare da mangiare”, written by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio. Translated by Alice Bonnefoi. Read by Léana Zoni and Elise Rodríguez. Video

    March, 19. Reading of “What I did not say” written by Amaranta Osorio. Translated by Alice Bonnefoi. Read by Angèle Crepin. Video

    March 20. Video of the workshop result  given by Amaranta Osorio at the University of Besançon. Video

    Workshop organized by Erwan Burel

    More information -FIL

  • Dramatized reading of “Click. When everything changes” in Madrid

    February 10, 2021. Dramatized reading of “Click. When everything changes” at  Casa del Lector in Madrid. Matadero Madrid. By the Navarra School of Theater.

    VIII ASSITEJ Cycle of dramatized readings. Madrid, Spain.



  • World premiere of “Unicorns” in Spain.

    January 31, 2021. World premiere of “Unicorns” at the Pilar Bardem Auditorium. Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain.

    Written by Amaranta Osorio, based on the group’s personal stories.

    Directed by Nieves Mateo.

    Produced by Unicornios Teatro.



  • Presentation of the book “Clic.Cuando todo cambia” in Madrid

    January 10, 2021 at 12hrs. Presentation of the book “Clic.Cuando todo cambia” edited by ASSITEJ at the Biblioteca Iván de Vargas. Madrid. Spain.

    Presentation by the journalist Raquel Vidales and the authors: Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio.




  • Round Table. Paris Nord



    December 7 – Participation in round table “Parcours d’enseignement et de recherche en ethnoscenologie” Maison des sciences de l’homme Paris Nord, France. Organized by Arianna DeSanctis.

  • Talk at Toulouse, France.

    November 25-27 – “Écritures dramatiques et scéniques d ‘Amerique Latine, aujourd’hui: quelles émancipations?” Maison de la Recherche, Toulouse-Jean Jaures University. Quetzal.

    November 27.  Reflections around Amaranta Osorio works by Arianna de Sanctis (Université Montpellier 3). Conversation with Agnes Suberzy (Toulouse- Jean Jaurés University and translator of the play “Girls play soccer” ), Antonia Amo (Université d’Avignon and translator of the play “My girl, my little girl”) and  Alice Bonnefoi (translator to french of the plays: “Clic, quand tout bascule”, “Ce que je n’ai pas dit”, “Interdiction de donner à manger”, “La Cage”) et  Amaranta Osorio (author)




  • Premiere of “Rotunda” in Mexico


    October 28, 2020. Premiere of the short play “Rotunda” within the show “Historias del Té”. Written by Amaranta Osorio. Directed by Cecilia Ramírez Romo. Performed by Dulce Mariel. Scenography and lighting -Fernando Feres. Co-production of the National Theater Company of Mexico and Tejedora de Nubes.

    The play will run from October 28 to November 22 at the Teatro el Galéon Abraham Oceransky in Mexico City.

  • Talk at Pamplona


    November 16 at 7:30 pm- Talk “Breaking the Silence. The need to write your own story” at the Gayarre Theater in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Organized by Aurora Moneo.

    Women have been told to shut up for centuries because the word was for the powerful.  Too many stories were silenced and many important women do not appear in the history books. Our silence has made us invisible. The time has come to speak up and write our stories”

    More information



2019. MI NIÑA, NIÑA MÍA (My girl, my little girl)

MI NIÑA,MI NIÑA MÍA (My girl, my little girl) (2019)


The text received the Jesus Dominguez Award in Spain and was published at Primer Acto.

Two women, two eras, two stories bound by blood. A Jewish actress who teaches drama to children in the Terezin concentration camp, and an entomologist studying glow worms who makes the late realisation that she is a Holocaust survivor. Two fire flies that shine in the darkness. Two women that shine despite other circumstances.

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual /Direction: Natalia Menéndez /Actresses: Ángela Cremonte and Goizalde Núñez/ Music: Luis Miguel Cobo /Video: Alvaro Luna Escenografía /Scenography and costumes:  Elisa Sanz /Light design: Juanjo Llorens /Director assistant: Pilar Valenciano /Scenographer assistant: Lúa Quiroga /Video assistant:  Elvira Zurita

Production: Teatro Español with the support of Fundación CorpArtes.

Translated into English by Phyllis Zatlin, into French by Antonia Amo and Julie Pérez, into German by Stefanie Gerhold.

Performed at Teatro Español  Madrid, Spain (6 march-7 april 2019) and Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia.




The text had the mention of the jury in the Dolores de Castro Prize.

(Mexico, Australia, Spain, Belgium, France)

What I didn’t say, is a multidisciplinary performance, about the violence and the gender problems that women face since they are born, related to their body, education, sexual abuse, insecurity and the social obligation of being: pretty, quiet , smiling, productive and perfect.

Playwright and performer: Amaranta Osorio /Outside eye: Marion Coutarel and Suzon Fuks/ Video scenography: Suzon Fuks/ Mouvement consultant: James Cunningham / Scenography: Alicia Blas / Costumes: Victoria Velazquez/Light design: Pilar Velasco/ Music: Mohn/ Song: Helen Chadwick.

Coproduction: Igneous Company , Festival Mestiza, Amaranta Osorio, with the support of Cornejo.

Created in residence at Thèâtre Artephile (Avignon, France) and Domo Teatro (Santiago, Chili)

Translated into english by Cristina Ward, into french by Alice Bonnefoi.

Performed as a work in progress at Festival Mestiza (Santiago, Chile), Festival Tantidhatri (Kolkata, India), Encuentro teatro y feminismos RESAD (Madrid, Spain), Festival Transit, Odin Teatret (Denmark), Festival Magdalena Montpellier (Montpellier, France), Festival Tiempos de Mujer (Quito-Ambato, Equator)





Short play, written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

It is a play that talks about the prohibition made by the Italian government, to feed the refugees for hygienic reasons. It tells the story of a researcher who decides to help a refugee.

Premiere at the Teatro Español  of Madrid inside the charity show HOME. Director: Victor Sanchez. Actress: Aitana Sanchez Gijón.

Play created by commission of Carmen Portacelli, director of the Spanish Theatre in 2018.





2014-2019. ANÓNIMAS (Anonymous women)


(Denmark, Mexico, Spain)

Theatre play and guitar concert- premiered in 2014.

This play is dedicated to our mothers and grandmothers. The performance combines music and theatre in a black and white space. The images prompt the spectators to rediscover their own history and remember the “anonymous” women who have forged their existence.

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Julia Varley / Director: Julia Varley/  Performer: Amaranta Osorio /Guitarist and Performer: Teresa García Herranz /Lighting design: Miguel Angel Camacho / Scenography and costume: Gema Rabasco /Sound Design: Arne Bock

Translated into english by Julia Varley and Amaranta Osorio.

Premier at Festival de Músicas del Mundo en Portonovo, Galice. Performed at:  Colombia: Cali, Teatro La Máscara et Esquina Latina, Bogotá, Sala Sekisano- Festival de teatro Mujeres por la Paz  et  Teatro Villamayor; Equator: La Merced, Teatro Contraelviento, Quito, Patio de Comedias dentro- Festival Tiempos de Magdalena; Mexico, Puebla– Festival Internacional de Teatro Héctor Azar; Spain, Madrid– Teatro del Barrio-Festival Surge Madrid  et Teatro de la Puerta Estrecha-Festival Transversal, Valladolid- Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle TAC, Centro Cívico José Luis Mosquera, Seville. CENIT (Certamen de nuevos investigadores teatrales). TNT; Italy, Velletri– Sala Ossigeno, Rome- Giardino degli Aranci dentro del Festival de Improvvisi Urbani, Denamark– Festival Transit et Theatre OM.


2009. SER AIRE (To be air)

SHOW “SANA, SANA”- short play “TO BE AIR” (2009)


Theatre play built by several short plays, around the theme of women’s health, in their different ages and their strength to continue forward despite the adversities.

Premiere in the Sala Cuarta Pared. Madrid, Spain.

Authors: Itziar Pascual, Sara Rosenberg, Isabel Mª Díaz and Amaranta Osorio / Directors: Pepa Sarsa and Gema Aparicio / Lighting: Cristina Robledano / Actresses: Cristina Regueira, Marta Alonso, Nieves Mateo, Carmen Gómez de la Bandera.


2009. AMOR DE CABARET (Cabaret’s love)

AMOR DE CABARET (Cabaret’s love)(2009)


Theatre-concert (30 min) that tells the story of some ficheras (women of the mexican cabaret)

Play created to open the mexican cabaret’s photographic exhibition by Eugenia Arenas.

Premiered at Casa de América. Madrid, Spain.

Text and direction: Amaranta Osorio/ Singer: Carmen Gabriela Lozada / Guitarist: Teresa García Herranz / Actresses: Gema Aparicio, Nieves Mateo, Estela Redondo, Lola Cantero, Amanda Cabal, Nuria Gómez de la Cal / Costume: Gema Rabasco / Sound: Javier López / Communication: Belén Fernández / Administration: François Tarralle / Video: Federico Prieto / Production: Jeito Producciones SL


2007. NARANJA (Orange)

NARANJA (Orange)  (2007)


Orange, is a play that speaks of the search for the half orange. And where the characters ask themselves: Do we really need a half or are we whole oranges?

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Director: Aitor Cía / Actresses: Amaranta Osorio and Lizbeth Álvarez / Original music: Javier Montes and Juan Pablo Theux / Scenography and costumes: Gema Rabasco / Production: François Tarralle.


2007. SEPTIEMBRE (September)

Show ADIÓS AL VERANO (Goodbye to summer) – Short play SEPTIEMBRE (September) (2007)


Theatre play built by several pieces around what September means.

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Direction: Juan Manuel Gómez / Music: Álvaro Renedo / Lighting: Alfonso Pazos / Performers: Antonio Cano, Palo Mendez, Estrella Resco, Sandra Aguilar.

Play created by commission of Ainhoa ​​Amestoy.


2007. LUNA (Moon)

LUNA (Moon)  (2007)


Estreno en el Teatro la Candelaria en Bogotá, Colombia.

Luna is a play that talks about childhood abuse. Of a girl who loses her childhood and is hurt by someone in her family.

Premiere at the Teatro La Candelaria in Bogotá, Colombia.

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Direction: Alejandro Rodríguez / Performers: Liliana González, Santiago Alarcón, Natalia Quintero, Marta Hernández, Alex Jiménez, Eliecer Guevara, Andres Sandoval and Natalia Bedoya






¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON TANTOS MUNDOS? (What will I do with so many worlds?) (2004-2005)

¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON TANTOS MUNDOS? (What will I do with so many worlds?) (2004-2005)


Theatre play for children, which talks about racism. Olaf, travels through several worlds of different colors and although at first is difficult for him, at the end he understands that it is better when there are more colors.

The play  was presented at different festivals in Spain (Forum of Barcelona, ​​Santander, etc.)

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Direction: Rosario Ruiz Rodgers / Musical Composition: Mitsuko R. Watanabe / Performers: Fernando Sánchez- Cabezudo, Estela Redondo, Eloisa Sinovas and Carles Moreu / Organization: Olga Gayon- Migralia.

Play created by commission of Olga Gayon.




2004. ¿CONTESTAS? 

Short theatre play.

Reading at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.
Premio Caja Madrid de Teatro Exprés
Published by: AAT, Ed. Fundamentos, Revista la Siega, Revista Sibila




ORGÁNICA (Organic) (2001)

ORGÁNICA (Organic) (2001)


It is a play that talks about shit, about love breaks and loneliness. But … From the shit, flowers are born.

It was premiered at the Teatro el Local -Bogotá, Colombia.

Freely inspired by an idea by Angélica Briseño.

Text and direction: Amaranta Osorio / Assistant director: Jairo Eduardo Marin / Set design: Víctor Sanchez / Costume: Fiorella Perini / Music: Group Tangüa / Performers: Luz Mary Arias, Catalina Botero, Leonardo Lozano and Jimmy Vasquez.


2020. El grito (The scream)



2020. EL GRITO (The scream)

Play written with Itziar Pascual, commissioned by Pilar Ysaguirre.

Premiere in 2021. Produced by  Ysarca and the Theatre Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Directed by Adriana Roffi.  Madrid, Spain.


2020. Unicornios (Unicorns)



2020.  UNICORNIOS (Unicorns)

Theatre play. (Based on true stories of the group Unicornios Teatro)

Created during the dramaturgy grant from the National System of Art Creators of FONCA.

Premiere in 2021.  Produced by Unicornios Teatro. Directed by Nieves Mateo. Centro Cultural Pilar Bardem. Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain.


2019. Rotunda


Short theatre play.

Winning text of  the call Stories of Tea,  by the National Theatre Company of Mexico and  Tejedora de Nubes. Mexico.

Translated into greek by Styl Rodarelis.

Premiere in Mexico in 2020. Produced by the National Theatre Company of Mexico and Tejedora de Nubes. Directed by Cecilia Ramírez Romo.



2019. La jaula (The Cage)


2019. LA JAULA (The Cage) 

Radio drama (Residency. Iberescena- Theatre Esquina Latina)

Published by Paso de Gato.

Premiere in Colombia in 2020. Produced by Teatro Esquina Latina. Directed by Orlando Cajamarca.




2019. Sradicamento



Short dramaturgy for dance.

Translate into italian by Viviana Bovino

Premiere Ex-Macello at Corsano, Italy. Choreography:  Maristella Martella.


2018. Las niñas juegan al fútbol (Girls play soccer)





Short theatre play.

Translated into french by Agnes Surbezy.

Published in the book   “Goal ! – Foot en scène”- Les Presses universitaires du Midi. Université Toulouse



2018. Lo que no dije (What I didn’t say)




Theatre play.

Honorific mention, 2018 Dolores de Castro Prize, Mexico.

Translated into english by Cristina Ward and into french by Alice Bonnefoi

(Translation grant- Fundación Autor)




2017. Clic. Cuando todo cambia.




2017. CLIC. Cuando todo cambia. 

Theatre play.Written with  Itziar Pascual

Prize: “Premio Calderón de Literatura Dramática” Spain.

Published by ASSITEJ





Premiere in 2020: Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Spain. Direction: Alberto Velasco.

Translated into french by Alice Bonnefoi (Translation grant- Fundación Autor)


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