“Radiofiction” workshop in Montpellier, France.

From September 25 to 28. Amaranta Osorio and Tatiana Arfel teach the “Radiofiction” workshop within the Magdalena Montpellier festival at La Bulle Bleu. Montpellier, France.

This festival, directed by Marion Coutarel, will have among its guests Jill Greenhalgh, Meg Ella, Ana Woolf, Virginie Brun, Marianne Grison, Anne Berchon, Sandrine le Metayer, Maxence Rey, Manou Vercruyse, Cecile Morelle, Silvia Moreno, Suzon Fuks, Amaranta Osorio, Tatiana Arfel, Julie Benegmos, Aurelia Lucher among others.

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