Hakka women’s voices.

HAKKA WOMEN’S VOICES, a video poem by Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan) and Suzon Fuks (Australia) that seeks to rescue and make visible the poetry written by Hakka women.


Direction, Camera and Editing: Suzon Fuks
Uhan Shii Theater Group Producer and Director:Ya-Ling Peng
Sound and camera: James Cunningham
Executive Producer: Yeh Yeh.

Hakka poets and interpreters: Chang Tien Wan, Chen Mei-Yen, Lin Chu-Ying, Lo Hsiu Ling, Wang Chun-Chiu, Ye Sha

Readers of the Spanish version: Amaranta Osorio, Eugenia Cano, Veronica Moraga.
Spanish translation: Amaranta Osorio

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