“What I didn’t say” at Belgrade, Serbia

From February 24 to 26- “Breaking de silence” workshop at the Arts and Human Rights Festival.  Belgrade, Serbia.

February 27- Presentation of What I did not say  by Amaranta Osorio at the Arts and Human Rights Festival. Dah Theater Research Center. Belgrade, Serbia.

Playwright and director:  Amaranta Osorio/ Video and outside eye: Suzon Fuks/ Performer: Natalie Pinot/ Outside eye: Marion Coutarel/ Choreographer: James Cunningham/  Scenic space: Alicia Blas/ Costumes: Victoria Velazquez/ Light design: Pilar Velasco/ Music: Mohn/ Song: Helen Chadwick.

Coproduction: Igneous Company , Festival Mestiza, Amaranta Osorio, with the support of Cornejo.

Created in residence at Thèâtre Artephile (Avignon, France) and Domo Teatro (Santiago, Chile)

Translated into english by Cristina Ward


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