“What I didn’t say” and “Breaking the silence ” in Germany

Sept 26 -October 2 . She participates in Internationales Frauen Theaterfestival directed by  Bárbara Luci Carvalho, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Presentation of the play “What I didn’t say“. Author, performer and director: Amaranta Osorio. Video scenography: Suzon Fuks. Music: Belén Chanes (Lkan and Bla). Video technician: María Algora. Artistic team: Marion Coutarel, Alicia Blas, James Cunningham, Pilar Velasco, Victoria Velázquez, Mohn Picemin and Helen Chadwick.

Translated into english by Cristina Ward.

Workshop “Breaking the silence” and participation at the symposium.

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