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Amaranta Osorio

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Amaranta Osorio is a writer, actress and producer, Mexican, Colombian and Spanish.

She has a B.A in dramaturgy  by the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático of Madrid (RESAD). She has a Masters in Cultural Management (Complutense University of Madrid and SGAE) and a Master 1 in Theatre Studies of the Sorbonne University. She did a postgraduate course on leadership at Harvard University.

As an author, she has received several awards (Calderón de Literatura Dramática, Jesús Domínguez, among others) and her works have been presented in various countries (Spain, Serbia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, India …) and translated into french, english, german, czech, portuguese and greek. From 2019 til 2022, she was  beneficiary of the National System of Creators of FONCA (Mexico). Among the latest works that have been presented in Spain are: What I didn’t say directed by Amaranta, El Grito produced by Ysarca and the Fernán Gómez Theater, Unicornios directed by Nieves Mateo with Unicornios Teatro, Cuando todo cambia produced by the Calderón Theater in Valladolid directed by Alberto Velasco and Mi niña, niña mía produced by Teatro Español and Fundación Corpartes directed by Natalia Menéndez. In 2022 she made the adaptation of El nido ajeno for the Teatro Español  and the company Lendias d’encantar premiered her play A Mina in Portugal

As an actress she has worked on several projects, among her latest works are: the movie El camino de Santi directed by Sergio Cabrera, the short film Yegua directed by Javier Celay and the plays What I didn’t say , co-produced by Igneous company and the Festival Mestiza ; Anonymous women directed by Julia Varley, co-produced by NTL-Odin Teatret and Jeito Producciones.

As a cultural manager, she has directed five international performing arts festivals: three editions of 7 theatrical paths in Mexico, the San José International Arts Festival, Costa Rica and the A Solas Festival at the Canal Theaters in Madrid. It has scheduled two international festivals, the last one being the 2019 Tantidhatri Festival in India. In 2022, she organized the meeting Otras miradas. El Siglo de Oro visto por mujeres de hoy, within the Festival Iberoamericano de Clásicos de Alcalá and  Primera llamada. Primer encuentro de artes escénicas entre México y España sponsored by UNAM España and Casa México.

Since 2011, she’s member of the women international network, the  Magalena Project.

Below, you will find more information about her trajectory and her teachers.


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B.A. in Dramaturgy by the RESAD (Royal Schooll of Performing Arts of Madrid)

Her tutors were: Itziar Pascual, Juan Mayorga and Ignacio Amestoy.  She have  also studied with Sanchis Sinisterra

In Spain, she was awarded with the prizes: “Premio Calderón de Literatura Dramática” (To the play CLIC written with Itziar Pascual) “Premio de Textos Teatrales Jesús Domínguez” (To the play Moje Holka, written with Itziar Pascual) and “Premio Teatro Exprés de Caja Madrid” (To the play ¿Contestas?). In Mexico she obtained an honorific mention of the Premio Dolores de Castro (To the play What I didn’t say). Her fist novel (not yet published) was finalist of the prize Fernando Lara de Novela. Editorial Planeta. In addition, the short film Inseparables was also released and received different prizes.

Premiered plays: A Mina directed by Julio Cesar Ramírez (Portugal); The version of  El nido ajeno directed by Maria Caudevilla (Spain);  Lo que no dije directed by Amaranta (Sp); Moje Holka, moje holka directed by Alejandro Casavalle (Argentina); Be like body obsolete, performance online directed by Suzon Fuks (Australia); El Grito produced by Ysarca and Teatro Fernán Gómez directed by Adriana Roffi; Unicornios directed by Nieves Mateo with Unicornio Teatro; Clic. Cuando todo cambia written with Itziar Pascual, produced by the Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, directed by  Alberto Velasco; What I didn’t say, outside eye: Suzon Fuks and Marion Coutarel, produced by Igneous Company and Festival Mestiza Chile; Mi niña, niña mía written with Itziar Pascual and directed by Natalia Menéndez, produced by Teatro Español of Madrid and Fundación Corpartes; Anónimas produced by NTL-Odin Teatret and Jeito Producciones, and directed by Julia Varley; ¿Qué haré yo con tantos mundos?  produced by Migralia directed by Rosario Ruiz Rodgers,  Naranja directed by Aitor Cia,  Luna directed by Alejandro Rodriguez and Orgánica directed by Amaranta.

Also 7 short plays have been performed, the most recent were: Rotunda produced by the National Theatre Company of Mexico directed by Cecilia Ramírez Romo; Vietato dare de Mangiare, directed by Victor Muñoz with Aitana Sánchez Gijón in the Teatro Español. The other plays that have been performed are: ¿Contestas?, Septiembre, Cuerpo and Tubos.



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She studied acting, with several masters like: Julia Varley (Odin Teatret), Parvathy Baul, Jill Greenhalgh, Teodoro Terzopoulos, Tadashi Susuki, Augusto Boal, Luis de Tavira, Mar Navarro and Fernando Piernas .

She participated in: 4 movies (Directed by Sergio Cabrera, Daniel Cebrian, Alvarez de Armero and Galo Urbina) , 10 television series (“Yo soy Bea”, “El comisario”, “Segundo Asalto”among others), 21 theatre productions ( with directors such as Julia Varley, Jill Greenhalgh, Sanchis Sinisterra, Rosario Ruiz Rodgers, Gema Aparicio, Guillermo Heras, among others) and 10 short films.

Her most recent works in theatre were the solo What I did not say and  the play Anonymous women directed by Julia Varley. They have been presented in Spain, Denmark, Serbia, India, Ecuador, Chile, Italy, France, Colombia… And in cinema the film El camino de Santi directed by Sergio Cabrera.

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M.A. in Cultural Management at Universidad Complutense. Spain.

Leadership Course- Harvard University.USA.

She has directed and coordinated different international festivals in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain.

Her company, Jeito Producciones, was active from 2008 to 2016 and received the Young Entrepreneurs Award from Bancaja in 2011.

She directed five international performing arts festivals: Three editions of  7 caminos teatrales in Mexico, the Festival de las Artes in San Jose , Costa Rica ,  and  A Solas Festival. She  programmed two other festivals, the most recent one was Tantidhatri 2019 in Kolkota, India.

In 2022 she organized the meeting Otras Miradas. El Siglo de Oro visto por mujeres de hoy  within the Festival Iberoamericano Clásicos de Alcalá  and is currently preparing the meeting Primera llamada, first Meeting of the Performing Arts between Mexico and Spain sponsored by UNAM España and Casa México.