9-month dramaturgy course

GESTAR UNA OBRA (Create a play)

From idea to theater.

9-month dramaturgy course (May 2024-January 2025). In spanish.

Taught by Amaranta Osorio.

With master classes and interviews from he: Sanchis Sir master: José Sanchis Sinisterra, Itziar Pascual, Mauricio Kartun, Julia Varley, Sergio Blanco, Carolina Vivas, Jaime Chabaud, Alicia Blas, Pedro Villora and Yolanda Pallin. Theater history classes with: Fernando Domenech.

Bonus with: Mariana González Roberts and Itziar Pascual.

Duration: 9 months (54 teaching hours)

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Limited space: There will be a maximum of 8 students per level in the workshop. The master classes and history classes will be shared with all levels.

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April 20 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Oidor Chapel. Alcalá de Henares.


10:30-10:45- Welcome words from Santiago Alonso (Councilor for Equality and Culture) and Amaranta Osorio (playwright and director of the Woman-Word meeting).

10:45 to 12:15- Woman-Word-Book: Laura Freixas (Novelist/Essayist. Barcelona), Daniela Tarazona (Novelist. Mexico), Nuria Labari (Storyteller/Journalist. Santander). Moderator: Amaranta Osorio (playwright. Mexico-Colombia)

12:30- 14:00- Woman- Word-Body: Christina Rosenvinge (Lyricist/Singer. Madrid-Denmark), Susana Martín Gijón (Novelist/Screenwriter. Seville), María Folguera (Novelist/Dramawright. Madrid). Moderator: Carme Riera Sanfeliu (Senior Editor of Alfaguara)

Director: Amaranta Osorio
An activity of the Equality and Culture Departments of Alcalá de Henares.

New short play

April 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Manuel de Falla room of the SGAE.

Presentation of the book “AND THEY DID NOT RETURN TO THEIR HOMES. 21 cries against modern wars” by the Invasoras publishing house.

Presented and moderated by the editors: Julio Fernández Peláez and Alberto de Casso

Dramatized readings by: Alicia Cereceda, Raúl Sáez, Carlos Luis Seguí, Marina Carresi, Alberto Panadero, Yaiza Ramos and Amaranta Osorio.

Writers who publish in the book: Laura Aparicio, Amelie Blume, Antonio Cremades, Alberto de Casso, Juana Escabias, José Ramón Fernández, Julio Fernández Peláez, Luis Miguel González Cruz, César López Llera, Jerónimo López Mozo, Pedro Montalbán-Kroebel, Gracia Morales, Antonio Miguel Morales, Sebastián Moreno, Amaranta Osorio, Itziar Pascual, Alfonso Plou, Francisco Ramírez López, Paco Romeu, Yaiza Ramos and Enrique Torres Infante.

Book published in Ediciones Invasoras

World Theater Day

March 27th. World Theater Day.

19 hrs. Yorick Bookstore. Madrid Spain.

Conversation about “Mapa” by Amaranta Osorio

Will participate: Monique Martinez and Amaranta Osorio

Presented by: Itziar Pascual

Work published in Ediciones Invasoras.


“On Your Wings” in Chicago

March 27th. World Theater Day.

Dramatized reading of “On Your Wings” at the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago. Within the cycle “Women creating takes Chicago”

Author: Amaranta Osorio

Director: Iraida Tapias

Actress: Rebeca Alemán

Videoscenography: Suzon Fuks

Production: Water people theater

La Mousson d’hiver

“Click, when everything changes” selected for La Mousson d’hiver in France.

Dramatized reading on March 25 at 2:45 p.m.

Salle Sainte-Marie aux Bois de l’Abbaye des Prémontrés

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual

Translator: Alice Bonnefoi

Director: Thibaut Schaaff

Performers: Students in the theater option at the Saint-Dominique high school in Nancy.

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Dramatized readings of “Rotunda” and “Ça joue au foot” in Paris

Dramatized readings in “La soirée qui nous a manquée” at the Zócalo in Paris. Event organized by Marisa Rubio and Adele Diridollou.

“Rotunda” by Amaranta Osorio
Played by Marisol Gase (Mexican actress who is part of the Queens Chulas and who is now president of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico)

“Ça joue au foot, les filles” by Amaranta Osorio. Translated by Agnès Suberzy.
Performed by: Adele Diridollou and Samien Salama


The photographer Isabel Wagemann exhibits a selection of her photos of writers (among which there is one of Amaranta) in the Luis Rosales library in Carabanchel. The exhibition will be on throughout March.
These writers attended the inauguration:  Susana Martin Gijon, Carmen Estirado and Amaranta.



Marisa Rubio, interviews Amaranta in the program L’Apéroclass au Zókalo, directed by Diana de la Riva, in Paris.

Here you can see the interview


Literrary award

Sequence 3, celebrates its 20th anniversary with a literary award for those over 55 years of age.
The prize consists of the production of the play, which will premiere at the Teatro Pavón in Madrid in 2025 and will tour. There will also be dramatized readings of the work at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Colombia, the Teatro Círculo in Mexico and the Thalia Theater in New York. The winning play and the 2 finalists will be published in Éride editions in Spain.
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Amaranta coordinates the 20th anniversary of Sequence 3.

20th anniversary of Secuencia 3

Amaranta coordinates the 20th anniversary of Secuencia 3
The first activity was on February 26 – an informative breakfast in the Pavón Theater ambigú. Participants: Eduardo Galán, Esther Bravo, Ángel Jiménez, Víctor Ullate with a group of children, Isabel Ordaz, Carla Nyman and Esther Toledano. 60 people from the artistic field came (Silvia Marsó, Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente, Gabino Diego, Francesc Galcerán….)


Premier of “Cuerpo Habitado” Spain

Premiere of “Cuerpo Inhabitado”, a dance show created by Mónica de la Fuente and Nazaret de la Fuente, with dramaturgy by Amaranta Osorio.

The play talks about the mother-daughter relationship and the search for identity. It is a dialogue between contemporary Indian dance and Spanish dance, where a mother and daughter tell us their story.

Dates in Valladolid
December 8, 2023. San Román de Hornija Cultural Center.
December 16, 2023. Municipal Theater of Alaejos.
December 21, 2023. Calderón Theater in Valladolid.

Publication of “Clic, quand tout bascule”

CLIC. QUAND TOUT BASCULE (Click, when everything changes)

Playwrights: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual

Traduction: Alice Bonnefoi

Editorial: Koïnè




“La Matto. A woman out of time” in Argentina

“La Matto. A woman out of time” is presented in Argentina.

Dates in Mar del Plata

Nov, 11 and 12.

Dates in  Buenos Aires
Nov 17. Bar Portuario.
Nov 18. Escuela de Teatro Crearte.
Nov 24. Espacio Las Sibilas.

Premiere of “La Matto. A woman out of time” in Peru.

World premiere of “La Matto. A woman out of time” in Peru.
This creation received the co-production grant from Iberescena and travel grant from Acción Cultural Española.
Interpretation: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio Cepeda
Direction: Amaranta Osorio and Natalia Marcet
Advisor: Miguel Rubio
Music: Natalia Marcet
Audiovisual production: Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski and Felipe Morey.
Voice-over: Tania Castro Gonzales.
Costumes: Natacha Vaugoyeau de Villasante
Photography:Adriana Peralta
Poster Design: Miguel Aráoz Cartagena
General Production: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena (Compania Viajera del Sur)
Press:María José Garufi (Argentina)
Production assistance: Dalia Ivanova Paz and Carolina Niño.
Oct 24- Educational Institution in Calca
October 26- Municipal Theater of Cusco.
October 27- Colegio Emancipación Americana en Tinta
October 28- Inca Garcilaso De la Vega House Museum.
November 2,3 and 4. Cultural Center of Spain in Lima

Congress in Lima, Perú

October 19 and 20. Lima, Peru.
Amaranta participates in the “Migration Theater Seminar in Dialogue: Latin America and Europe” at the Catholic University of Lima. Organized by Karín Chirinos Bravo and Alberto Ísola.
Participants: Ana Correa, Maria Teresita Zúñiga, César Escuza, Percy Encinas, Ana López Montaner, Rodrigo Benza, Ian Tevo, José Romera Castillo, Monique Martínez, Alina Narciso, Samantha Pizarro, Adam Alherger, Concha Fernández Soto, Denise Despeyroux, Amaranta Osorio , Pablo Solari, Flor de María Vidaurre, Maritsa Nuñez, Lidia Sánchez, Patricia Ariza Carlos Satizabal and Adriana Alarco.

World premiere of “HUMANA” in Madrid

October 6 and 7, 2023. World premiere of “HUMANA” at the Umbral de Primavera, within the Surge Madrid Festival.

HUMANA is a theater-dance-performance that talks about love and heartbreak.

Choreography and performance: Sol Bibriesca.
Text: Amaranta Osorio
Director: David Trueba
Scenography: Gema Rabasco
Lighting: Alfonso Ramos
Sound Space: Javier Aparicio
Photo: Ana Erdozain.


Amaranta coordinates the performing arts part of the Mestizolab directed by Alex Palma at the Casa de México in Spain.

MestizoLab is an initiative of Casa de México in Spain and Minotauro
Communication, which has the strategic support of agents
private and government organizations of both countries. Born in 2019 with
the objective of reinforcing Spanish-speaking audiovisual development,
promoting co-production between the two leading industries in the world
sector in the Ibero-American region and this year, for the first time,
We also incorporate the performing arts

“Radiofiction” workshop in Montpellier, France.

From September 25 to 28. Amaranta Osorio and Tatiana Arfel teach the “Radiofiction” workshop within the Magdalena Montpellier festival at La Bulle Bleu. Montpellier, France.

This festival, directed by Marion Coutarel, will have among its guests Jill Greenhalgh, Meg Ella, Ana Woolf, Virginie Brun, Marianne Grison, Anne Berchon, Sandrine le Metayer, Maxence Rey, Manou Vercruyse, Cecile Morelle, Silvia Moreno, Suzon Fuks, Amaranta Osorio, Tatiana Arfel, Julie Benegmos, Aurelia Lucher among others.

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Workshop in Ayllon

September 2-11. Amaranta Osorio teaches the workshop “Writing with what there is” at the International Meeting of Creative Women “Woman, Earth, Healing” in Ayllón, Spain.
Meeting directed by Viviana Bovino and produced by Residui Teatro.
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