World premiere of “HUMANA” in Madrid

October 6 and 7, 2023. World premiere of “HUMANA” at the Umbral de Primavera, within the Surge Madrid Festival.

HUMANA is a theater-dance-performance that talks about love and heartbreak.

Choreography and performance: Sol Bibriesca.
Text: Amaranta Osorio
Director: David Trueba
Scenography: Gema Rabasco
Lighting: Alfonso Ramos
Sound Space: Javier Aparicio
Photo: Ana Erdozain.


Amaranta coordinates the performing arts part of the Mestizolab directed by Alex Palma at the Casa de México in Spain.

MestizoLab is an initiative of Casa de México in Spain and Minotauro
Communication, which has the strategic support of agents
private and government organizations of both countries. Born in 2019 with
the objective of reinforcing Spanish-speaking audiovisual development,
promoting co-production between the two leading industries in the world
sector in the Ibero-American region and this year, for the first time,
We also incorporate the performing arts

“Radiofiction” workshop in Montpellier, France.

From September 25 to 28. Amaranta Osorio and Tatiana Arfel teach the “Radiofiction” workshop within the Magdalena Montpellier festival at La Bulle Bleu. Montpellier, France.

This festival, directed by Marion Coutarel, will have among its guests Jill Greenhalgh, Meg Ella, Ana Woolf, Virginie Brun, Marianne Grison, Anne Berchon, Sandrine le Metayer, Maxence Rey, Manou Vercruyse, Cecile Morelle, Silvia Moreno, Suzon Fuks, Amaranta Osorio, Tatiana Arfel, Julie Benegmos, Aurelia Lucher among others.

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Workshop in Ayllon

September 2-11. Amaranta Osorio teaches the workshop “Writing with what there is” at the International Meeting of Creative Women “Woman, Earth, Healing” in Ayllón, Spain.
Meeting directed by Viviana Bovino and produced by Residui Teatro.

Round table in Colombia

August 21. 17hrs. Round table “Dramaturgy, migration, exile, displacement” at the Economic Culture Fund, within the Punto Cadeneta Punto meeting in Bogotá, Colombia.
Pedro Miguel Rozo, Jaime Chabaud, Amaranta Osorio, Felipe Vergara, Juan Carlos Moyano.
Moderator: Alejandra Marín.

Dramatized reading of “Carne” -Colombia

17 of August. 19hrs. First dramatized reading of “Carne” in the Sala Sekisano, within the Punto Cadeneta Punta meeting, in Bogotá Colombia.
Author:Amaranta Osorio
With the collaboration of Toni Mata.
Direction: Rebeca Caicedo Narváez
Cast: Vilma Ximena Sánchez, Maria Fernanda Mena, Esteban Coronel, Jorge Iván Martínez, Marcela Ceron, Malory Castillo and Esteban Velasco.
Musicians: Mateo Ramírez and Fernando Puetman.

Authors meeting- Colombia

The Punto Cadeneta punto meeting directed by Carolina Vivas will take place from August 14 to 27 in Bogotá, Colombia.
Amaranta will give a workshop from August 14 to 18.
International guests: Sergio Blanco (Uruguay), Mariana de Althaus (Peru), Mónica Acevedo (Argentina), Dr Jóse Luis García Barrientos (Spain), Diego Aramburo (Bolivia), Amaranta Osorio (Spain / Mexico), Mauricio Kartun (Argentina) , Ximena Carrera (Chile), Jaime Chabaud Magnus (Mexico), Verónica Musalem (Mexico), Paco Zarzoso (Spain)
Guests from Colombia: Patricia Ariza, Orlando Cajamarca, Tania Cárdenas, Fabio Rubiano, Beatriz Camargo, Johan Velandia, William Guevara, María Adelaida Palacios, Sandro Romero, Santiago Merchant, Misael Torres, Carolina Vivas, Juan Carlos Moyano, Liliana Hurtado, Pedro Miguel Rozo, Jacqueline Salazar, Carlos Mario Betancur, Carmen de Viboral, Liliana Alzate, Ignacio Rodríguez, Pablo Caicedo, Manuela Vera, Jesús Eduardo Domínguez, Diana Sanabria Boada, César Castaño, Rebeca Caicedo Narváez, Jonathan Londoño, Carlos Satizabal, Jorge Hugo Marín, Camilo Casadiego.
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“Mujeres creando” workshop.

Amaranta will give the online workshop “Mujeres creando” at the Water theater studio.
Three sessions of 3 hours each.
Saturdays July 22 and 29 | Saturday August 5
US – Central Time (CST) (9:00 AM- 12:00 PM)
Spain (4:00 PM – 7:00 PM)
Mexico (8:00 AM – 11:00 AM)
Venezuela (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
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Ibero-American Festival of the Golden Age. Classics in Alcalá,

On July 2, the Ibero-American Festival of the Golden Age ended. Classics in Alcalá, directed by Mariano de Paco and coordinated by Amaranta Osorio.
A month of festival. 34 shows from Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, France, Chile and the United States.
17 works with a full house and approximately 8,500 spectators.
In addition to various educational activities.

Symposium in Toulouse, France

On July 1 at 12:25 p.m., Amaranta will participate in the international symposium “Migrations on stage: migrants and migrations in the live arts of the Hispanic and Latin American worlds” at the Jean Jaures University in Toulouse.

Direction: Fabrice Corrons and Agnès Surbezy.

With the support of the Commission Recherche de l’UT2J and the LLA-CREATIS laboratory.

In collaboration with the TransmigrARTS program


Second edition of “OTRAS MIRADAS, el Siglo de Oro visto por mujeres de hoy” 

On June 30, the second edition of “OTRAS MIRADAS, el Siglo de Oro visto por mujeres de hoy” will take place. A project sponsored by the Ibero-American Festival of the Golden Age, the University of Alcalá and UNAM Spain.

Free entry.

Talks by: Helena Pimenta, Aurore Évain (France), Belén Almeida, Marifé Santiago, Sergio Santiago, Laila Ripoll, Carolina África, Brenda Escobedo (Mexico), María Folguera and Diana Luque.

Curatorship and coordination: Amaranta Osorio.

Place: Old Hospital of Santa María de la Rica. Alcala de Henares.

Hours: From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Yegua- short film

On Tuesday 20 at MK Cine Paz at 8:30 p.m., within Cortogenia, the short film YEGUA by Javier Celay will be presented. It is a short film that has won several awards and in which Amaranta participates as an actress.

Free entry

Verdial. Málaga

The program of “Verdial. Fiesta de las letras y la cultura iberoamericana” has been presented. Verdial  will take place from May 10 to 13 in Malaga.


Direction: Jorge Volpi and Fernando Iwasaki.

Amaranta Osorio coordinates the dramatized readings and moderates a talk.


May 10 at 6:00 p.m. in Nerja. Juan Muñoz Frías Territory. Talk between Denise Despeyroux and Pablo Messiez. Moderator: Amaranta Osorio.

Dramatized readings -Verdial

On May 11 and 12 at 7:00 p.m. at La Térmica, dramatized readings of texts by authors participating in the Festival Verdial will take place. The readings will be performed by young actors from the ESAD in Malaga and directed by Loreto Sánchez and Juan Alberto Salvatierra. Coordinated by Amaranta Osorio.

Festival del Siglo de Oro. Clásicos en Alcalá

Tickets for the Festival del Siglo de Oro. Clásicos en Alcalá, which will take place from June 9 to July 2 in Alcalá.


Director: Mariano de Paco.

Coordinator: Amaranta Osorio

Production: Carmen Jabonero.

Communication: Plot communication.

Technical direction: Ricardo Peña.

Poster design: Carlos Malpartida.

Premiere of “Like a Lily” in Denmark.

28th of April. Premiere of “Like a Lily” at Teatret OM. In Ringkobing. Denmark.

A play/concert, created by Parvathy Baul and Sandra Pasini.

Directed by: Iben Nagel.

Costumes: Antonella Diana.

Songs and texts from different traditions and some texts by Amaranta Osorio.

Hakka women’s voices.

HAKKA WOMEN’S VOICES, a video poem by Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan) and Suzon Fuks (Australia) that seeks to rescue and make visible the poetry written by Hakka women.


Direction, Camera and Editing: Suzon Fuks
Uhan Shii Theater Group Producer and Director:Ya-Ling Peng
Sound and camera: James Cunningham
Executive Producer: Yeh Yeh.

Hakka poets and interpreters: Chang Tien Wan, Chen Mei-Yen, Lin Chu-Ying, Lo Hsiu Ling, Wang Chun-Chiu, Ye Sha

Readers of the Spanish version: Amaranta Osorio, Eugenia Cano, Veronica Moraga.
Spanish translation: Amaranta Osorio

Reading of “La Jaula” in Almería, Spain.

April 21 at 7:00 p.m. Dramatized reading of “La Jaula” in the Francisco Villaespasa library in Almería.
Text by Amaranta Osorio.
Address: Ascension Rodríguez.
Organized by: Francisco Villaespasa de Almería Provincial Public Library.
Collaborates: Andalusian Performing Arts Research and Resources Center
Coordinator: Ascención Rodríguez.

La Jaula is a play that talks about migrant children detained at the United States border.

It was written during a residence in Colombia (Teatro Esquina Latina and Iberescena), where the mentor was Santiago Loza.

Project 30. Reina Sofia museum. Ellas Crean Festival.

March 17 at 6:00 p.m. – Performance “30. Bosquejo de Alturas” at the Reina Sofia museum as part of the Ellas Crean Festival.
Project 30 artistic direction: Sylvie Mongin-Algan.
Artistic direction in Madrid: Eva Redondo and Jana Pacheco.

Actresses: Rocío Agost, Gabriela Alarcón, Jessica Belda, Ana Benito, Alizée Bingollu, Ascen Caballero, Gema Cañón, Tatiana Carel, Belén Chanes, Fátima Delgado, Laura Jabois, Sarah Kristian, Charo Martín, Pilar Martín, Nizra Martínez, Patricia Medina, Nicole Mersey, Amaranta Osorio, Victoria Peinado, Denise Perdikidis, Maria Antonietta Pinto, Claudia Quiroga, Georgina Rey, Manuela Rodriguez, Laura Rubio Galletero, Saida Santana, Veronica Santos, Alba Taboada, Leticia Torres, Celina Vigo.

Tickets are free, but they must be picked up at the box office or on the Museum’s website from 10:00 a.m. on March 15.

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HUMANA work-in-progress

This Wednesday, March 15 at 8:00 p.m., we will show a work-in-progress of “Humana” at the Pilar Miro cultural center. Free entry .
HUMANA is a theater-dance play, that talks about love and heartbreak and is in the process of being created.
Direction: David Trueba
Interpretation: Sol Bibriesca
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio
Scenography/costumes: Gema Rabasco
Lighting: Alfonso Ramos.
Sound Space: Álvaro Renedo.
Compañía Arte de Urgencia.

Expo “Don´t look at me, read me”

March 8- Amaranta participates in the exhibition “Don’t look at me, read me” by Camila Puerto.

Exposed in:
Lalish Theater Labor, Vienna, Austria.
Athens Factory, Athens, Greece.
Antagon TheaterAKTion, Frankfurt, Germany
Leopoldo Flores University Museum of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Toluca, Mexico.

Video performance

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