Moje holka, moje holka (my girl, my little girl)

MOJE HOLKA, MOJE HOLKA (my girl, my little girl). Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

Direction: Alejandro Casavalle

Actresses: Alma Buffay and Marianella Zappelli
Executive Production: Raúl S. Algán
Musical Director: Eva Lopszyc
Lighting Design: Magalí Perel
Direction and Production of Visual Art: Gastón Zambón
Direction and stage assistance: Nina Casavalle Sofiro and Sofía Landau
Production Assistance: Agustina Gil
Historical Advicer: Macarena Mochon
Insect Design for Shadows: Nina Casavalle Sofiro
Effects of Illusionism: Alejandro Casavalle
Graphic Design: Gonzalo Martínez
Press: Paula Simkin

Premiered on September 19 at Teatro Extranjero  in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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