2023. Cuerpo Habitado

Premiere of “Cuerpo Habitado”, a dance show created by Mónica de la Fuente and Nazaret de la Fuente, with dramaturgy by Amaranta Osorio.

The work talks about the mother-daughter relationship and the search for identity. It is a dialogue between contemporary Indian dance and Spanish dance, where a mother and daughter tell us their story.

Choreography and performance: Mónica de la Fuente and Nazaret de la Fuente
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio
Premiere on December 21 at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid.


2023. “La Matto. A woman out of time”

World premiere of «La Matto. “A woman out of time” in Peru.

The play talks about Clorinda Matto (Peruvian writer and activist from the 1800s who defended the rights of women and indigenous people) and of the life of the performer and her struggles.
It talks about anonymous heroines, erased stories, burned books and trees that grow from ashes.

*This creation received the co-production grant from Iberescena and travel grant from Acción Cultural Española.

Performer: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio Cepeda
Direction: Amaranta Osorio and Natalia Marcet
Advisor: Miguel Rubio
Music: Natalia Marcet
Audiovisual production: Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski and Felipe Morey.
Voice-over: Tania Castro Gonzales.
Costumes: Natacha Vaugoyeau de Villasante
Photography:Adriana Peralta
Poster Design: Miguel Aráoz Cartagena
General Production: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena (Compania Viajera del Sur)
Press:María José Garufi (Argentina)
Production assistance: Dalia Ivanova Paz and Carolina Niño.

Premiere on October 28 at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega House Museum in Cusco.
In Lima, was performed at the Cultural Center of Spain.
The play is currently on tour in Argentina.


2023. Humana

World premiere of “HUMANA”(Human)

HUMANA is a theater-dance-performance that talks about love and heartbreak.

Choreography and performance: Sol Bibriesca.
Text: Amaranta Osorio
Director: David Trueba
Scenography: Gema Rabasco
Lighting: Alfonso Ramos
Sound Space: Javier Aparicio
Photo: Ana Erdozain.

October 6- 2023. World premiere of “HUMANA” at the Umbral de Primavera, within the Surge Madrid Festival.



2023. Like a liky

Premiere of “LIKE A LILY” in Denmark

Director: Iben Nagel Rasmussen
Cast: Parvathy Baul (India), Sandra Pasini (Denmark/Italy)
Songs from the Baul tradition of India, popular Italian songs and some compositions by Sandra Pasini.
Text: Sandra Pasini, Amaranta Osorio, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Parvathy Baul.
Musical advisor: Roberto Diana/ Dramaturgical advisor: Francesca Romana Rietti/ Woven rug: Alok Som/ Embroidery: Bandana lohar/ Costumes: Antonella Diana/ Objects: Antonella Diana, Frederik Gravgaard.
Produced by Teatret OM

It premiered on April 28  at Teatret OM. Ringkoving. Denmark


2023. CLICK, when everything changes

«CLICK, when everything changes» in Spain

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual
Director: Nadia Banegas Fabregat
Cast: Ainhoa ​​Arrue, Hannah Quintana, Diego Nieto, Adah Cid de Diego and Daniel Gonzàlez.

Finalist from the Canary Islands for the Buero Vallejo Theater Award.


2022. La mina

World premiere of “LA MINA” in Portugal

Author: Amaranta Osorio
Translation: Isabel Gallop

Director: Julio Cesar Ramírez.

Assistant director: Ines Roman
Cast: Clara Cunha, Henrique Gil, Tito Oliva, Marta Almeida, Angela Santos.
Art direction: Ana Rodrigues
Design Assistant: Tiago Viegas
Technical Director : Ivan Castro
Executive production: Víctor Alegria
Production assistant: Inés Minor
production support: Isabel Galope, Manuel Camacho, Aljultrenses commission.
Production: Lendias d’Encantar – LdE
Structure financed by the General Directorate of Arts of the Government of Portugal

Premiere on December 3. Oriental Cinema Aljustrel. Portugal.


2022. El nido ajeno

EL NIDO AJENO. Teatro Español. 

Author: Jacinto Benavente

Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio

Direction: María Caudevilla

With Fernando Delgado-Hierro, María Ramos, Jaime Soler, Karina Moscol, Óscar Allo, Javi Morán and Kunihito Tomita

Sound space design: Pilar Calvo

Set design: Igone Teso

Costume design: Tania Tajadura

Costume assistant: Laura Cosar

Lighting design: Pilar Velasco

Residence assistant director: Noelia Pérez

Assistant director: Víctor Barahona

A production of the Spanish Theater

Premiere on November 29, 2022. Spanish Theater. Madrid Spain.


2022. What I didn’t say

WHAT I DIDN’T SAY. Madrid, España.

Author and director: Amaranta Osorio

Video scenography: Suzon Fuks

Actrice: Natalie Pinot

Artistic team: Marion Coutarel, Alicia Blas, James Cunningham, Pilar Velasco, Victoria Velázquez, Mohn Picemin y Helen Chadwick.

Translated into english by Cristina Ward and into french by Alice Bonnefoi.

Premiered on February 27 at the National Theatre. Belgrade, Serbia. Festival of Arts and Human Rights, organized by Theatre Dah.

Spanish premiere. Mars 26 Casa de América. Noche de los teatros.


2022. Vietato dare da mangiare




Authors: Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio

Direction : Amaranta Osorio

Actresses:: Natalie Pinot / Fiorenza Sammartino
Scenography: Gema Rabasco
Director’s assistant: Macarena Mochon
Photo: Javier Naval.
Poster: Paule Barcenilla

It was premiered on february 3, 2022 at Microteatro por dinero. Madrid, Spain.


2021. Be like body obsolete


Be like body obsolete is an online performance that talks about technology and obsolescence. Created and interpreted by Suzon Fuks (Australia-Belgium), with the collaboration of 6 writers from different countries: Amaranta Osorio (Mexico-Spain), Annie Abrahams (France-Holland), Nasim Khosravi (Iran), Parvarthy Baul (India), Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan) and Younghee Park (Korea). External look: James Cunningham (Australia); Videographer: Freddy Komp.

Premiered in June 2021 at the Bodies on Live online festival. It has been performed at the  Festival de mujeres en escena por la paz in Colombia and at the Mestiza Festival in Chile.

More info



Moje holka, moje holka (my girl, my little girl)

MOJE HOLKA, MOJE HOLKA (my girl, my little girl). Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

Direction: Alejandro Casavalle

Actresses: Alma Buffay and Marianella Zappelli
Executive Production: Raúl S. Algán
Musical Director: Eva Lopszyc
Lighting Design: Magalí Perel
Direction and Production of Visual Art: Gastón Zambón
Direction and stage assistance: Nina Casavalle Sofiro and Sofía Landau
Production Assistance: Agustina Gil
Historical Advicer: Macarena Mochon
Insect Design for Shadows: Nina Casavalle Sofiro
Effects of Illusionism: Alejandro Casavalle
Graphic Design: Gonzalo Martínez
Press: Paula Simkin

Premiered on September 19 at Teatro Extranjero  in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2021. EL GRITO (the scream)


2021. EL GRITO (The Scream). (Madrid, Spain)


A play that talks about dreams, love and overcoming obstacles. A play that asks why is society incredulous at the testimonies of women?

Authors: Itziar Pascual y Amaranta Osorio (Commissioned by Pilar Yzaguirre)

Director: Adriana Roffi

Actors: Ana Fernández, Elsa Chaves, Nuria García, Óscar Codesido, Lucía Barrado, Alberto Iglesias, José Luis Alcobendas, Pablo Turégano and Carlota Ferrer.

Coproduction: YSARCA- Pilar Yzaguirre y Teatro Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural del la Villa.

Premiere in February 2021 at the Fernán Gómez Theater. Cultural Center of the Villa. Madrid, Spain.


Reviews (In Spanish)

2021. UNICORNIOS (Unicorns)

2021. UNICORNIOS. Madrid, España.

Unicorns speaks of the importance of memory, of the civil war, of the absences that hurt and of the magical world of Unicorns.

Author: Amaranta Osorio (text based on the group’s personal stories)

Director: Nieves Mateo.

Actors: Josefina Redondo, Eusebio Mateo, Maite Sierra, Javier Vidal, Elena Muñoz, Begoña Santos, Charo Corral, Esther Martínez, María Anguita, Aurora Reyes, Fernando García, Luis Higueras and Mercedes Romero.

Lighting design: Miguel de las Heras/Nieves Mateo.

Scenography: Isabel Benito.

Director’s assistant: Águeda Quintana.

Produced by Unicornios Teatro.

It was premiered on January 31, 2021 at the Pilar Bardem Auditorium. Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain.


ROTUNDA  (2020- Mexico) Short play.

Winning text of  the call Stories of Tea,  by the National Theatre Company of Mexico and  Tejedora de Nubes. 

Rotunda is a play that talks about a robust woman who finds it difficult to accept herself.

Author: Amaranta Osorio

Direction: Cecilia Ramírez Romo

Actress: Dulce Mariel.

Scenic space and lighting: Fernando Feres

Co-production of the National Theater Company of Mexico and Tejedora de Nubes.

Premiere on the show “Historias del té” October 28th, 2020 at the Teatro el Galéon Abraham Oceransky in Mexico City.

2020. LA JAULA.

LA JAULA  (2020- Colombia) Radio play.

Written during the residency of Latin American playwrights-  Teatro Esquina Latina- IBERESCENA. 

La Jaula (The Cage)  is a play that talks about migrant children detained at the United States border. 

Author: Amaranta Osorio

Direction: Orlando Cajamarca

Actors: Orlando Cajamarca, Darlyn Silva, Luis Fernando Giraldo, Anderson Mejía, Sofía Valderrama, Miguel Angel Palacio, Angie Arenas, Nicolas Olave.

Sound Space: Manuel Calderón

Production: Teatro Esquina Latina

The premiere took place on Radio Esquina Latina on September 18 and 25, 2020. Cali, Colombia




2020 Svetlusky (Czech version of Mi niña, niña mía)

SVETLUSKY (Brno. Czechoslovakia)

Czech version of Mi niña, niña mía

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

Translation and direction:  Veronika Všianská

Produced by Mikro Teatro

Premiere at the Brno festival


2020. CLIC. CUANDO TODO CAMBIA (Clic. When everything changes)

CLIC. CUANDO TODO CAMBIA (Clic. When everything changes) (2020- Spain)

The text received the Calderón Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2018. 

Clic. When everything changes, talk about being a teenager, that moment full of searches, discoveries and insecurities. It is a play about abuse, harassment, loneliness and misunderstanding, but also about the importance of sharing our fears and our dreams.

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual

Director: Alberto Velasco

Actors: Alicia Hernández Bermejo, Inés González and Javier Cascón.

Special collaboration of: Marta Ruiz de Viñaspre and Roberto Henriquez.

Lighting: Miguel Ruz.

Scenic space: Miguel Delgado.

Music theme: Monterrosa.

Costumes: Sara Sánchez del Amo

Director assistant: Alvaro Caboalles

Prod: Henar Hernández

Photo: Ana Pizarro

Film: Herminio Cardiel Martín.

Film: Herminio Cardiel Martín.

Production: Calderón de Valladolid Theater.

Distribution and co-production: Fran Ávila.

The premiere took place at the   Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Spain on March 6, 2020.

2019. MI NIÑA, NIÑA MÍA (My girl, my little girl)

MI NIÑA,MI NIÑA MÍA (My girl, my little girl) (2019)


The text received the Jesus Dominguez Award in Spain and was published at Primer Acto.

Two women, two eras, two stories bound by blood. A Jewish actress who teaches drama to children in the Terezin concentration camp, and an entomologist studying glow worms who makes the late realisation that she is a Holocaust survivor. Two fire flies that shine in the darkness. Two women that shine despite other circumstances.

Authors: Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual /Direction: Natalia Menéndez /Actresses: Ángela Cremonte and Goizalde Núñez/ Music: Luis Miguel Cobo /Video: Alvaro Luna Escenografía /Scenography and costumes:  Elisa Sanz /Light design: Juanjo Llorens /Director assistant: Pilar Valenciano /Scenographer assistant: Lúa Quiroga /Video assistant:  Elvira Zurita

Production: Teatro Español with the support of Fundación CorpArtes.

Translated into English by Phyllis Zatlin, into French by Antonia Amo and Julie Pérez, into German by Stefanie Gerhold.

Performed at Teatro Español  Madrid, Spain (6 march-7 april 2019) and Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia.




The text had the mention of the jury in the Dolores de Castro Prize.

(Mexico, Australia, Spain, Belgium, France)

What I didn’t say, is a multidisciplinary performance, about the violence and the gender problems that women face since they are born, related to their body, education, sexual abuse, insecurity and the social obligation of being: pretty, quiet , smiling, productive and perfect.

Playwright and performer: Amaranta Osorio /Outside eye: Marion Coutarel and Suzon Fuks/ Video scenography: Suzon Fuks/ Mouvement consultant: James Cunningham / Scenography: Alicia Blas / Costumes: Victoria Velazquez/Light design: Pilar Velasco/ Music: Mohn/ Song: Helen Chadwick.

Coproduction: Igneous Company , Festival Mestiza, Amaranta Osorio, with the support of Cornejo.

Created in residence at Thèâtre Artephile (Avignon, France) and Domo Teatro (Santiago, Chili)

Translated into english by Cristina Ward, into french by Alice Bonnefoi.

Performed as a work in progress at Festival Mestiza (Santiago, Chile), Festival Tantidhatri (Kolkata, India), Encuentro teatro y feminismos RESAD (Madrid, Spain), Festival Transit, Odin Teatret (Denmark), Festival Magdalena Montpellier (Montpellier, France), Festival Tiempos de Mujer (Quito-Ambato, Equator)





Short play, written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

It is a play that talks about the prohibition made by the Italian government, to feed the refugees for hygienic reasons. It tells the story of a researcher who decides to help a refugee.

Premiere at the Teatro Español  of Madrid inside the charity show HOME. Director: Victor Sanchez. Actress: Aitana Sanchez Gijón.

Play created by commission of Carmen Portacelli, director of the Spanish Theatre in 2018.





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