GESTAR UNA OBRA (Create a play)

From idea to theater.

9-month dramaturgy course (May 2024-January 2025). In spanish.

Taught by Amaranta Osorio.

With master classes and interviews from he: Sanchis Sir master: José Sanchis Sinisterra, Itziar Pascual, Mauricio Kartun, Julia Varley, Sergio Blanco, Carolina Vivas, Jaime Chabaud, Alicia Blas, Pedro Villora and Yolanda Pallin. Theater history classes with: Fernando Domenech.

Bonus with: Mariana González Roberts and Itziar Pascual.

Duration: 9 months (54 teaching hours)

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Limited space: There will be a maximum of 8 students per level in the workshop. The master classes and history classes will be shared with all levels.

More information

Amaranta has given workshops in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador and Argentina.

She is currently teaching the Breaking the Silence workshop and an introductory workshop on dramatic writing.

Breaking the Silence, is a practical workshop where writing and acting methodologies are used.

In this writing workshop, we give voice to the silenced. What we could not say or what others silenced. We talk about the big and also the small. Participants are invited to work on their personal stories, but can choose to write about news that affects them. In the workshop there is a bit of movement, a lot of writing and many stories to share.

This workshop has been given in Argentina at the Magdalena Second Generation Festival directed by Ana Woolf (Pinamar and Buenos Aires), Denmark at the Transit festival  directed by Julia Varley (Odin Teatret), together with the Taiwanese artist Ya-Ling Peng and in Ecuador at the Tiempos Festival of Woman directed by Susana Nicolalde (Quito. Catholic University).

The next workshop will be in March 2021 at the University of Bessançon. Organized by Erwan Burel.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, you can write to us at:



The play “El Cambio” is the result of the annual theater workshop at the Universidad de Mayores de la Universidad Complutense, taught by Amaranta Osorio.

Texts and interpretation: Antonio Fernández Gil, Carlos Gallego, Esther Forés, Felipa García, María Ángeles Garín and María Concepción Gallego.

Dramaturgy and direction: Amaranta Osorio.



Breaking the silence is a performance, the result of a forty-hour creative laboratory, around the silence of women. The texts are written by the interpreters.

Texts and interpretation: Amaia Castañeda, Fiorenza Sammartino, Gio Méndez, Macarena Mochon, María Granado, Olga Laguna and Yan Yan Bo.

Dramaturgy and direction: Amaranta Osorio

Organized by David Trueba at the International School of Gesture. Madrid Spain



«Flight attempt» Show resulting from the research and creation Laboratory of Residui Teatro.

Cast: Alejandra Arroyo, Belén Monterroso, Beski Lalocatel, Marcelo Solares, Santiago Claramonte.

Direction: Gregorio Amicuzi / Assistant: Luciana Plenge

Pedagogical team and creation of material: Viviana Bovino, Mónica de la Fuente and Amaranta Osorio.

Pedagogical team: Denis Lavie and Irini Sfyri.

With the contribution of teachers: Lucho Ramírez, Sanchis Sinisterra, Fernanda Docampo, Ariel Divone, Hernán Gené, Patricio Vallejo, Miguel Rubio, Patricia Ariza, Cleiton Pereira, Juan Carlos Moyano.


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