2023. “La Matto. A woman out of time”

World premiere of «La Matto. “A woman out of time” in Peru.

The play talks about Clorinda Matto (Peruvian writer and activist from the 1800s who defended the rights of women and indigenous people) and of the life of the performer and her struggles.
It talks about anonymous heroines, erased stories, burned books and trees that grow from ashes.

*This creation received the co-production grant from Iberescena and travel grant from Acción Cultural Española.

Performer: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio Cepeda
Direction: Amaranta Osorio and Natalia Marcet
Advisor: Miguel Rubio
Music: Natalia Marcet
Audiovisual production: Tatiana Fuentes Sadowski and Felipe Morey.
Voice-over: Tania Castro Gonzales.
Costumes: Natacha Vaugoyeau de Villasante
Photography:Adriana Peralta
Poster Design: Miguel Aráoz Cartagena
General Production: Anahí Aráoz Cartagena (Compania Viajera del Sur)
Press:María José Garufi (Argentina)
Production assistance: Dalia Ivanova Paz and Carolina Niño.

Premiere on October 28 at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega House Museum in Cusco.
In Lima, was performed at the Cultural Center of Spain.
The play is currently on tour in Argentina.


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