2023. La Matto. A woman out of time.


“La Matto. A woman out of time” talks about Clorinda Matto (Peruvian writer and activist from the 1800s who defended the rights of women and indigenous people) and the life of the performer and her struggles. It talks about anonymous heroines, erased stories, burned books and trees that grow from ashes.
Premiere on October 28 at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega House Museum in Cusco.
In Lima he was at the Cultural Center of Spain.

2023. Human


HUMANA is a theater-dance-performance work that talks about love and heartbreak.

Premiere on October 6 at the Umbral de Primavera, within the Surge Madrid Festival.

2023. Like a lily


Amaranta participated with some texts in the work “Like a lily” with the authors Parvathy Baul, Sandra Passini and Iben Nagel.

It premiered on April 28 at Teatret OM. Ringkoving. Denmark


2022. La mina


Play created in the residence of Lendias d’encantar.

Premiere on December 3, 2022. Aljustrel, Portugal.

Translated to the portugues by Isabel Galope.

Produced by Lendias d’encantar.

2022. Adaptation of “El nido ajeno”

Adaptation of “El nido ajeno” by Jacinto Benavente.

Premiere on November 29, 2022. Teatro Español.


2021. Sobre tus alas

On your wings.


Autofiction about mourning.

Created thanks to the dramaturgy scholarship of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA.

Translated into english by Cristina Ward.

2021. Map

MAPA (Map)

Play about forced migration.

Published in 2023 in Ediciones Invasoras.

Foreword by Monique Martinez.


2021. Lo que no esperas.

What you don’t expect

Short play.

Published in the book “Quebradas”.

Created thanks to the dramaturgy scholarship of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA.

2021. Be like body obsolete

Be like body obsolete.

Be like body obsolete is an online performance that talks about technology and obsolescence. Created and interpreted by Suzon Fuks (Australia-Belgium), with the collaboration of 6 writers from different countries: Amaranta Osorio (Mexico-Spain), Annie Abrahams (France-Holland), Nasim Khosravi (Iran), Parvarthy Baul (India), Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan) and Younghee Park (Korea).


2020. El grito (The scream)



2020. EL GRITO (The scream)

Play written with Itziar Pascual, commissioned by Pilar Ysaguirre.

Premiere in 2021. Produced by  Ysarca and the Theatre Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Directed by Adriana Roffi.  Madrid, Spain.


2020. Unicornios (Unicorns)



2020.  UNICORNIOS (Unicorns)

Theatre play. (Based on true stories of the group Unicornios Teatro)

Created during the dramaturgy grant from the National System of Art Creators of FONCA.

Premiere in 2021.  Produced by Unicornios Teatro. Directed by Nieves Mateo. Centro Cultural Pilar Bardem. Rivas Vaciamadrid, Spain.


2019. Rotunda


Short theatre play.

Winning text of  the call Stories of Tea,  by the National Theatre Company of Mexico and  Tejedora de Nubes. Mexico.

Translated into greek by Styl Rodarelis.

Premiere in Mexico in 2020. Produced by the National Theatre Company of Mexico and Tejedora de Nubes. Directed by Cecilia Ramírez Romo.



2019. La jaula (The Cage)


2019. LA JAULA (The Cage) 

Radio drama (Residency. Iberescena- Theatre Esquina Latina)

Published by Paso de Gato.

Premiere in Colombia in 2020. Produced by Teatro Esquina Latina. Directed by Orlando Cajamarca.




2019. Sradicamento



Short dramaturgy for dance.

Translate into italian by Viviana Bovino

Premiere Ex-Macello at Corsano, Italy. Choreography:  Maristella Martella.


2018. Las niñas juegan al fútbol (Girls play soccer)





Short theatre play.

Translated into french by Agnes Surbezy.

Published in the book   “Goal ! – Foot en scène”- Les Presses universitaires du Midi. Université Toulouse



2018. Lo que no dije (What I didn’t say)




Theatre play.

Honorific mention, 2018 Dolores de Castro Prize, Mexico.

Translated into english by Cristina Ward and into french by Alice Bonnefoi

(Translation grant- Fundación Autor)




2017. Clic. Cuando todo cambia.




2017. CLIC. Cuando todo cambia. 

Theatre play.Written with  Itziar Pascual

Prize: “Premio Calderón de Literatura Dramática” Spain.

Published by ASSITEJ





Premiere in 2020: Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Spain. Direction: Alberto Velasco.

Translated into french by Alice Bonnefoi (Translation grant- Fundación Autor)


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2017. Vietato dare da mangiare (Forbidden to feet)




2017. VIETATO DARE DA MANGIARE (Forbidden to feet)

Short theatre play.Written with Itziar Pascual.
Premiere: Teatro Español of Madrid.  Direction: Victor Sanchez. With: Aitana Sanchez Gijón.

Translated into french by Alice Bonnefoi and into greek by Styl Rodarelis.

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2017. Cera en los ojos (Wax in my eyes)



2017. CERA EN LOS OJOS  (Wax in my eyes)

Short theatre play.

Publication:  Acotaciones. num. 39. “Modern day mexican theatre”




2016. Mi niña, niña mía (My girl, my little girl)




2016. MOJE HOLKA, MOJE HOLKA (My girl, my little girl)

Theatre play.Written with  Itziar Pascual
Prize: “Premio de textos teatrales Jesús Domínguez”, Spain.
Publication: Primer Acto nº 351

Translated into French by Antonia Amo and Julie Pérez (Translation grant- Fundación Autor) , into German by Stefanie Gerhold (Sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Germany) and translated into English by Phyllis Zatlin.


2019- Produced by the Teatro Español of Madrid and the Corpartes Foundation. Directed by Natalia Menéndez. Presented also in Bogota, Colombia at the Teatro Mayor.


Dramatized readings in Spain:  Huelva -Dir. María García; Madrid-Dir.Rosario Ruiz Rodgers. Argentina- Dir.Alejandro Casavalle; Avignon, France- Dir. Elsa Stimmerman; Munich, Germany- Dir. Kordula Lobeck de Fabris

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