Naranja (Orange)

Theater playwright
Was presented at Centro Cultural Julio Cortázar and Centro Cultural de Moncloa. Madrid. 2008

Directed by: Aitor Cía.
Text: Amaranta Osorio
Music composition and live music: Javier Montes, Juan Pablo Theaux
Actresses: Lizbeth Álvarez and Amaranta Osorio
Scenery and Costumes: Gema Rabasco
Production: François Tarralle

Words of the Director, Aitor Cía:

The night before the wedding, the bride tried her dress with her best friend. They chat, share confidences, laugh, cry, recall the past and dreamed together about the future. But not everything is like what the stories or the movies with happy endings, wants us to belief.

Orange, written by Amaranta Osorio, enters without knocking , directly into the bowels and heart of two modern women, presenting us their ordinarity, from the smallest but most important particle in society, the individual in complete loneliness showing us the fight between equals in which the difference and the possibility to be others, without following the patterns imposed by cultural and family customs, transforms into a titanic struggle.

  • Date : 10 February, 2015
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