Jeito Producciones

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<h3>Jeito Producciones</h3>
<a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Jeito Producciones</strong></a>, founded in 2008 with <a title=”Francois Tarralle” href=”″>François Tarralle</a>, is a cultural management company.

We organize cultural events, festivals and produce shows. I have directed different international scene arts festivals, like three editions of the “7 Caminos Teatrales” in Mexico. The “Festival de las Artes” in San José de Costa Rica and the “A Solas- the Magdalena Project” in Madrid, Spain.
<p class=”js”>My company Jeito Productions was awarded the “Young Entrepreneurs Prize of Bancaja” in Spain.</p>
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A Solas

Festival A Solas, España

Festival 7 caminos 2011, México

Festival 7 caminos 2010, México

Homenaje a Mercedes Sosa 2010, España

  • Date : 16 January, 2015
  • Tags : gestion cultural