The text had the mention of the jury in the Dolores de Castro Prize.

(Mexico, Australia, Spain, Belgium, France)

What I didn’t say, is a multidisciplinary performance, about the violence and the gender problems that women face since they are born, related to their body, education, sexual abuse, insecurity and the social obligation of being: pretty, quiet , smiling, productive and perfect.

Playwright and director:  Amaranta Osorio

Video scenography:  Suzon Fuks

Performer: Natalie Pinot/ Amaranta Osorio

Musical selection: Belen Chanes. Songs: Lkan and Bla.

Outside eye: Marion Coutarel and Suzon Fuks

Light design: Pilar Velasco

Costumes: Victoria Velazquez

Video tecnician: Yahaira Cofino.

Advisors: Alicia Blas, James Cunningham, Marion Coutarel, Ana Contreras.

Coproduction: Igneous Company , Festival Mestiza, Amaranta Osorio, with the support of Cornejo.

Created in residence at Thèâtre Artephile (Avignon, France) and Domo Teatro (Santiago, Chile)

Translated into english by Cristina Ward, into french by Alice Bonnefoi.

Performed as show at: Casa de América (Madrid), Teatro nacional de Belgrado (Serbie), Teatro del Barrio (Madrid).

Performed as a work in progress at Festival Mestiza (Santiago, Chile), Festival Tantidhatri (Kolkata, India), Encuentro teatro y feminismos RESAD (Madrid, Spain), Transit Festival, Odin Teatret (Denmark), Festival Magdalena Montpellier (Montpellier, France), Festival Tiempos de Mujer (Quito-Ambato Ecuador)



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