20 October, 2020

La Jaula (The Cage) Holland.


They broadcast the play “La Jaula” on Radio Salta. Holland. Presented by Alejandra Nettel.

Theater play for the radio by Amaranta Osorio. Directed by Orlando Cajamarca. Esquina Latina Theater.

Created in the residence of Ibero-American playwrights Iberescena- Esquina Latina.

You can listen to it here


Cera en los ojos (Wax in her eyes)


Amaranta Osorio read “Cera en los ojos” in María León’s podcast “Cuando las mujeres hablan” Colombia.

It is a play whose Protagonist is Santa Teresa de Jesús.

Published in the magazine Acotaciones. num. 39. “Teatro Mexicano actual”  in 2018.

You can listen to it here


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