Amaranta has directed and coordinated different international festivals in Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. Her company, Jeito Producciones, founded in 2008 with François Tarralle was active from 2008 to 2016 and received the Young Entrepreneurs Award from Bancaja in 2011. She directed five international performing arts festivals: Three editions of  7 caminos teatrales in Mexico, the Festival de las Artes in San Jose , Costa Rica ,  and  A Solas- The Magdalena Projet. She  programmed two other festivals, the most recent one was Tantidhatri 2019 in Kolkota, India.

Some of my projects

A Solas

Festival A Solas, España

Festival 7 caminos 2011, México

Festival Internacional de las Artes, Costa Rica

Festival 7 caminos 2010, México

Homenaje a Mercedes Sosa 2010, España