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Upcoming events

From October 28 to November 22- World premiere of “Rotunda” by the National Theater Company of Mexico. El Galeón Abraham Oceransky Theater.

November 7-Round table of outstanding artists in Europe. Festival between two worlds. Florence, Italy.

November 16- Conference “Breaking the silence. The need to write your own story” at the Gayarre Theatre. Pamplona, Spain.

November 25-27- Talk at the symposium “Écritures dramatiques et scéniques de Amerique Latine” at the Toulouse University. Jean Jaures. Toulouse, France.

December 7 – Participation in round table “Parcours d’enseignement et de recherche en ethnoscenologie” Maison des sciences de l’homme Paris Nord, France. Organized by Arianna DeSanctis.

February 26 -2021. World premiere of “El grito”. Written by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio. Directed by  Adriana Roffi at the Fernan Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Coproduction Ysarca – Pilar de Yzaguirre and Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa. Madrid, Spain.

March 29 to April 11, 2021. Workshop “Breaking the silence” .Université de Franche-Comté. Bessançon. Organized by Erwan Burel.


Talk at Toulouse, France.


November 25-27 – “Écritures dramatiques et scéniques d ‘Amerique Latine, aujourd’hui: quelles émancipations?” Maison de la Recherche, Toulouse-Jean Jaures University. Quetzal.

November 27.  Reflections around Amaranta Osorio works by Arianna de Sanctis (Université Montpellier 3). Conversation with Agnes Suberzy (Toulouse- Jean Jaurés University and translator of the play “Girls play soccer” ), Antonia Amo (Université d’Avignon and translator of the play “My girl, my little girl”) and  Alice Bonnefoi (translator to french of the plays: “Clic, quand tout bascule”, “Ce que je n’ai pas dit”, “Interdiction de donner à manger”, “La Cage”) et  Amaranta Osorio (author)




Premiere of “Rotunda” in Mexico

October 28, 2020. Premiere of the short play “Rotunda” within the show “Historias del Té”. Written by Amaranta Osorio. Directed by Cecilia Ramírez Romo. Performed by Dulce Mariel. Scenography and lighting -Fernando Feres. Co-production of the National Theater Company of Mexico and Tejedora de Nubes.

The play will run from October 28 to November 22 at the Teatro el Galéon Abraham Oceransky in Mexico City.

Talk at Pamplona

November 16 at 7:30 pm- Talk “Breaking the Silence. The need to write your own story” at the Gayarre Theater in Pamplona, ​​Spain. Organized by Aurora Moneo.

Women have been told to shut up for centuries because the word was for the powerful.  Too many stories were silenced and many important women do not appear in the history books. Our silence has made us invisible. The time has come to speak up and write our stories”

More information


Round table. Florence, Italy

November 7 – Panel of outstanding artists in Europe. “Creativity as a journey: Mexican artists in Europe” Festival entre dos mundos. Florence, Italy.

With the participation of: Gustavo Aceves, Jorge Marín, Amaranta Osorio, Jorge Ramirez Suarez, Andres Caballero, Fabiola Quezada, Rafa Ibarra, Alejandra Nettel, Jorge Zamudio

Moderator: Jesús Garcés Lambert

La Jaula (The Cage) Holland.


They broadcast the play “La Jaula” on Radio Salta. Holland. Presented by Alejandra Nettel.

Theater play for the radio by Amaranta Osorio. Directed by Orlando Cajamarca. Esquina Latina Theater.

Created in the residence of Ibero-American playwrights Iberescena- Esquina Latina.

You can listen to it here

Cera en los ojos (Wax in her eyes)

Amaranta Osorio read “Cera en los ojos” in María León’s podcast “Cuando las mujeres hablan” Colombia.

It is a play whose Protagonist is Santa Teresa de Jesús.

Published in the magazine Acotaciones. num. 39. “Teatro Mexicano actual”  in 2018.

You can listen to it here

Premiere of “La Jaula” – Colombia


September 18. 17hrs. Premiere of “La Jaula” play for radio. Written by Amaranta Osorio. Directed by Orlando Cajamarca. Radio Esquina Latina. Colombia.

Written during the residency of Latin American playwrights (Teatro Esquina Latina-Iberescena) coordinated by Santiago Loza.

La Jaula is a play that talks about migrant children detained at the United States border.

Translation to czech


Veronika Všianská translates into Czech the play Mi niña, niña mía  (Svetlusky)

27 June – public reading  at the Ghettofest Festival.

23 July- Premier of Sveltusly by Mikro Teatro at the Brno festival

Rotunda translated into greek


The play Rotunda was translated into Greek by Styl Rodarelis.

July 23- Reading of the play on Radio Laspis within the Festival of Female Dramaturgy. Interpreted by Maria Papadopulu.

July 25 – Interview with Amaranta Osorio

Rotunda in Greek.


New translations into French



Alice Bonnefoi translates into French the plays Lo que no dije (Ce que je n’ai pas dit) , Vietato dare da mangiare, and Clic, cuando todo cambia (Clic, quand tout bascule) and receives the Fundación Autor translation grant.



Publication of “Clic. Cuando todo cambia” in Spain



5 march at Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Spain.

Presentation of Clic. Cuando todo cambia (Clic, when everything changes) published by ASSITEJ Spain.

It is a theatre play written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual that won the Calderón Prize for Dramatic Literature.

You can find the book at: ASSITEJ.


“Clic. When everything changes” at Valladolid.

March 6, 2020 at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid, Spain. World premiere of the play “Click. When everything changes” written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual; Direction: Alberto Velasco; Actors: Alicia Hernández Bermejo, Inés González, Javier Cascón Rivas, with the special collaboration of: Marta Ruiz de Viñaspre and Roberto Henriquez; Lighting: Miguel Ruz; Scenic space: Miguel Delgado; Musical theme: Monterrosa; Costumes: Sara Sánchez del Amo; Assistant director: Alvaro Caboalles; Delegated production: Henar Hernández; Photography and poster design: Ana Pizarro; Artistic direction of assembly and creation of the film: Herminio Cardiel Martín. Production: Calderón Theater. Distribution and co-production: Fran Ávila.

The play won the Calderón Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2018. It is a play that talks about adolescence. More information

More info

LA JAULA published in Paso de Gato in Mexico.


LA JAULA, written by Amaranta Osorio was published in the Paso de Gato magazine in Mexico. With an introduction by Santiago Loza.

This play was written during the residence of Latin American playwrights, organized by Teatro Esquina Latina with the support of IBERESCENA.

LA JAULA  talks about migrant children detained at the U.S. border.

You can ask for it in digital or printed version here (in Spanish)

Rotunda in Greece


The short play “Rotunda” written by Amaranta Osorio, was selected for the International Festival of Female Dramaturgy in Greece in 2021. It will be translated into Greek by Styl Rodarelis.

Anónimas (Anonymous women) International NTL theatre festival

From January 28 to February 2, 2020 – International NTL Theatre Festival. Odin Teatret. Holstebro, Denmark.

31 January. 2ohrs- Presentation of the play “Anónimas” at Odin Teatret. (Anonymous women)  by Amaranta Osorio and Julia Varley. Directed by Julia Varley. with: Teresa García Herranz and Amaranta Osorio

1 February. 16:45- Talk about the process of Anónimas at Odin Teatret

More information

Talk in Paris


January 9th 2020 at 19hrs- Round table about Artaud at the Maison de L’Amérique Latine in Paris. With the participation of: Theophile Choquet (France), Paula Alves (Brasil), Rodrigo Ramis (Chile), Alexander Vivas Misel (Venezuela), Lucas Duran (Argentina), Ilios Chailly (France) and Amaranta Osorio (Mexico-Spain)


Talk about the Magdalena Project

Talk about the Magdalena Project and its founder Jill Greenhalgh on Saturday, December 7 at 4:30 p.m. at the Maison Folie Wazemmes in Lille.

51% propose a space to think differently on the side of 51% of the population: women.

7-8 DECEMBER ~ 2019 SALON Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille

booking:  51pourcent@gmail.com

More info

What I didn’t say in Ecuador


November 20th 2019-19hrs- What I didn’t say at the Auditorio del Gobierno Provincial de Tungurahua. Ambato, Ecuador.

November 23 2019- 19:30hrs- What I didn’t say at Teatro Prometeo CCE. Quito, Ecuador.

Written and performed by Amaranta Osorio. External eye: Marion Coutarel and Suzon Fuks; Videoscenography: Suzon Fuks; movement advisor: James Cunningham; Set design: Alicia Blas; Costumes: Victoria Velázquez; Music: Mohn. Co-production: Festival Mestiza Chile,Igneous Company and Amaranta Osorio. With the support of: Cornejo.


“Breaking the silence” workshop in Ecuador

Amaranta Osorio, will lead the workshop “Breaking the Silence”, from November 19 to 22 at the Catholic University of Quito, Equator.  Within the Festival “Tiempos de mujer” directed by Susana Nicolalde.

More info

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