Parade Toma de la plaza


November 12, 2017.

Parade “Toma de la plaza” directed by Julia Varley in Pinamar, Argentina.

Festival Magdalena Segunda Generación.

Supported by Fundación SGAE.

Moje Holka in Argentina


11 November 2017.

Beautiful  reading of my play “Moje Holka, moje holka” co-written with Itziar Pascual in Pinamar, Argentina. Directed by Alejandro Casavalle. With Valeria Radivo and Antonella Scatollini. With the production of Angeles Carrascal.

Theater of Pinamar. Festival Magdalena Segunda Generación

Supported by Fundación SGAE.

Rituals for memory



In November I taught together with the Taiwanese artist Ya-Ling Peng, two workshops called Rituals for Memory, in Buenos Aires and Pinamar, Argenita. 

Festival Magdalena Segunda Generación

Supported by Fundación SGAE.

Festival Magdalena -Argentina


In november, I will participate at the Magdalena Festival in Argentina, directed by Ana Woolf.

From 2 to 7th  November in Buenos Aires – Alejandro Casavalle directs the reading of my play “Moje Holka, moje Holka” written in collaboration with Itziar Pascual and winner of the prize prize Jesús Domínguez in Spain. I also give a workshop with Ya Ling.

From November 8th to 12 in Pinamar – I give a workshop with Verónica Moranga.

Sponsored by Fundación Autor

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The book of Space at Denmark

The Book of Space – installation performance by Jill Greenhalgh & Suzon Fuks

October- residence in Odin Teatret.

25 october- Opening of the show “The book of Space”

Created by: Jill Greenhalgh and Suzon Fuks

Poetry: Margaret Cameron Music: Meg Ella.

With (alphabetical order): Amaranta Osorio (Mex-Esp), Antonieta Muñoz (Chile), Esther Jerez (España), Luciana Martuchelli (Brasil), Magdalena Ewa Mazur (UK-Poland), Patrycia Dynowska (UK-Poland), Silvia Moreno (Esp-France), Thérése Besomi (Switzerland), Verónica Moraga (Chile).

Photos by Suzon Fuks

Reading poems in Paris

Sept 17th at 11hrs at the SACD, Paris. Participation at the Apero Matrimoine.

I read poems by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. An initiative by Blandine Pelliser and Aurore Evian, that wants to give visibility to the women artists from history. 

Midi minuit matrimoine

“HOME” at Madrid


Premier of “Home”-  September 15th and 16th in Madrid, Spain. HOME is a project that involves several artists and that will donate, all the funds raised, to an association that helps women refugees.

I participate in this project with a text written with Itziar Pascual that will be directed by Victor Sanchez and performed by Aitana Sanchez Gijón.

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Burlesque workshop

September 4th till 7th I participated in the workshop of Burlesque at Lecoq’s school in Paris.

With the masters: Jos Houben – Anne Astolfe – -Éric Nesci

École Internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq

The play “Moje Holka, Moje Holka” selected for the WPIC 2018.


They selected the play “Moje Holka, moje Holka” (My Girl), written with Itziar Pascual, to participate in the WPIC (Women Playwrights International Conference 2018), which will take place in Chile in 2018.

WPIC Chile 2018 

DAUGHTER, the performance.

DAUGHTER is an intimate and reflective performance installation based on personal biographies of Mother and Daughter relationships.

Directed by Jill Greenhalgh. With: Anne Savage, Amaranta Osorio, Ingrid Hvass, Maja Skogstad, Sofia D’Amelio, Sugeily Rodríguez, Suzon FuksVioleta Luna.


Novel course



Since January, I have been doing the annual course of novel with Eva Garrido, in the Escuela Cursiva of Penguin Random House.


Workshop with Odin Teatret


In march, I participated in a workshop with the Odin Teatret: I Wayan Bawa,  Donald Kitt , Carolina Pizarro, Julia Varley ,  Parvathy Baul and Eugenio Barba

 Odin Teatret

Dramatic reading of the play “Moje Holka” in Madrid

Dramatic reading of the play

“Moje Holka, Moje Holka” (Mi girl)

by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

Prize of Textos Teatrales Jesús Domínguez in Spain- 2016.

Ciclo SGAE

June 19th, at 19 hrs in Sala Berlanga.

Calle Andres Mellado 53.

Director- Rosario Ruiz Rodgers. 

Actresses- Esperanza Elipe y Aida Villar 

Musician- Iris Azquinezer


Workshop with Théâtre du mouvement


I participated in a workshop with Claire Heggen-Théâtre du Mouvement.

Théâtre du mouvement

Learning from Baul Masters in India


Participant at the retreat “Learning from Baul Masters”.

Organized by Parvathy Baul.

2-7 january 2017. Kerala, India.

Ekathara Kalari

About my experience

Anónimas (Anonymous women) in Valladolid, Spain



Play “Anónimas” Dir. Julia Varley.

26 november. 19:30. Centro Cívico Jose Luis Mosquera.

Valladolid, Spain


Jesus Dominguez theatre prize and lecture of “Moje Holka” in Huelva, Spain.


On November 23 at 8pm, in Huelva, Spain, they will give us the Jesus Dominguez Prize. After which, there will be a reading of our play “Moje Holka, Moje Holka” (My girl, my girl)



The theatre play “Mfoto-itziar-y-amarantaoje Holka, Moje Holka” (My girl) written in collaboration with Itziar Pascual won the Jesus Dominguez Award in Spain.

Press note




October 14

Talk with : Amaranta Osorio, Marifé Santiago, María Armesto and Mariana Carballal.

Organization: Marta Perez



transit“Anónimas” – june 3th at 20:oo. Teatret OM

“Anónimas” – june 7th at 20:oo. Odin Teatret. Holstebro, Denmark.

With the support of the Spanish Embassy in Denmark.

“Daughter” directed by Jill Greenhalgh. june 11th. Odin Teatret


Directed by Julia Varley. Coordination: Nathalie Jabale

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