November 29 to December 4. Dramatized reading of her adaptation of “El nido ajeno” by Jacinto Benavente, at Teatro Español. Directed by Maria Caudevilla.

November 30. Participation in the round table “Creators vs rooms a dialogue for a common work” MACOMAD Ibero-American Meetings.

December 3. World premier of “La mina” Lendias d’encantar company. Aljustrel, Portugal.



November 16-18. Organization of “Primera Llamada” First Meeting of Performing Arts between Mexico and Spain. UNAM Spain and Casa Mexico.

November 14th. She teaches the workshop “Writing with what there is” in the Week of Feminist Writing and Criticism of the UCM.

November 8. Participation in the round table: “A look between Mexico and Spain in the performing arts”. IE University and Casa de México in Spain.

November 5 at 8:30 p.m. on Spanish television- La 2. Premiere of the fiction documentary “El camino de Santi” directed by Sergio Cabrera in which she participates as an actress.

October 22. 19hrs. Dramatized reading of “Rotunda” at the 23 SILT in the Valle Inclán Theater.

October 20 and 21. “What I didn’t say” within the Festival Surge Madrid at the Teatro del Barrio.

October 11th. Inauguration of the exhibition “Conquistadoras” by the photographer Isabel Wagemann, who took some photos of Amaranta. Casa de América.


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