June 28 and 29-“Rotunda” Dir. Styl Rodarelis. Ahtens suitcase festival. Athens.

June 24 and 25- “Tentativa de vuelo” Show resulting from the Residui Teatro creation laboratory. Madrid.

June 20-  Organization of “Otras Miradas.El siglo de oro visto por mujeres de hoy” in the Festival Iberoamericano del Siglo de Oro. Alcalá, Spain.

June 15- Participation in the Meeting of Ibero-American witters. Madrid. Casa México.

June 10- Reading of “La nieta” within the Transit Festival. Odin Teatret. Denmark

June 9 -Round table. Transit festival

May 13- Presentation of the book “Quebradas” at RESAD. Madrid

May- Artist residency – Lendias d’Encantar. Aljustrel, Portugal.

April 25- Presentation of the play “El Cambio”– final project of the annual theater workshop at the University for the Elderly of the U. Complutense.

April 22- Dramatized reading of “Vietato dare da mangiare” at the Francisco de Villaespesa Provincial Public Library in Almería

April 19- Presentation of the book “Clic. When everything changes” edited by ASSITEJ in Logroño.

March 26 – Lo que no dije by Amaranta Osorio at  Casa de América, Night of theatres. Madrid

Publication of “Lo que no esperas” within the book “Quebradas” edited by Concha Fernández Soto. Ed. University of Almeria.

March 5- El grito by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio in Toledo. Spain.

February 27- Presentation of What I did not say  by Amaranta Osorio at the Arts and Human Rights Festival. Dah Theater Research Center. Belgrade, Serbia.

From February 24 to 26- “Breaking de silence” workshop at the Arts and Human Rights Festival.  Belgrade, Serbia.

February 20- Starts the second season of My girl, my little girl by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual. Director: Alejandro Casavalle. Teatro el Extranjero. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

From February to June- Amaranta give a creation laboratory at Residui Teatro. Madrid. Spain.

Publication of “Clic.Cuando todo cambia”  in the book« Porque no habrá quien nos mande. Spanish playwrights and female protagonists (2000-2020) » 

From February 3 to 23- Vietato dare da mangiare by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio in Microteatro Por Dinero. Interpretation: Natalie Pinot. Costumes: Gema Rabasco. Direction: Amaranta Osorio. Madrid. Spain.

Oct 2021- April 2022- She teaches the Theater Workshop at the Complutense University for the Elderly. Madrid. Spain.

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