26 June, 2019

Writing residency in Colombia.

From June 30 to July 5Residency of Ibero-American playwrights at the Teatro Esquina Latina in Cali, Colombia. Project directed by Orlando Cajamarca. With the support of IBERESCENA 2019. Guest Teacher: Santiago Loza

Playwrights: Amaranta Osorio, Ana María Gomez, Erik Leyton, Henry Diaz, Jaime Chabaud, Orlando Cajamarca, Pedro Gundesen, Pedro Miguel Rozo, Ruth Rivas.

Workshop Breaking the Silence

Transit Festival- Denmark

June 15 to 17workshop “Breaking the Silence: Rituals through Memory” led by the Taiwanese artist Ya-Ling Peng and Amaranta Osorio 

June 21- Presentation of the workshop results. With: Helen Varley, Ingrid Hvass, Isabel Cristina Lopez Hamze, Luana Sodré, Naná Sodré, Paola Luna Vellucci, Simon Samuelsson, Teresa García Herranz, Teresa Ruggeri.


Anonimas at Denmark


Transit Festival- Odin Teatret- Danemark

June 18 – Show “Anonymous women” written by Amaranta Osorio and Julia Varley. Directed by Julia Varley, Guitar and performer: Teresa García Herranz; actress: Amaranta Osorio. Scenography: Gema Rabasco; lighting: Miguel Ángel Camacho; Sound design: Arne Bock. Production: Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and Jeito Procucciones.

Photo: Francesco Galli


What I didn’t say in Denmark

Transit Festival 9 – Hope in Action 2019

Transit Festival at Odin Teatret. Directed by Julia Varley.

June 15Work-in-progress of “What I didn’t say” written and performed by Amaranta Osorio. Video and external eye: Suzon Fuks; movement advisor: James Cunningham; set design: Alicia Blas; Costumes: Victoria Velázquez; Music: Mohn. Translation: Cristina Ward. Team in Denmark: Helen Varley and Fausto Pro. Co-production: Festival Mestiza Chile,Igneous Company and Amaranta Osorio. With the support of: Cornejo.

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