20 September, 2015

7 theatrical paths- Magdalena Project 2011


Performing Arts Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico

The 2011 edition was dedicated women’s creations and to the Magdalena Project

Results :

  • 18 shows.
  • Students for the congress: 129. 80 % occupancy / Student for the workshops : : 98. 100 % occupancy.
  • Public in theaters : An average of 95 % occupancy
  • Press release 98 press notes

Workshops and shows by:

Patricia Ariza (Colombia), Jill Greenhalgh (UK), Mercedes Hernández (Mexico), Estela Leñero (Mexico), Violeta Luna (Mexico-U.S.A), Nieves Mateo (Spain), Natsu Nakajima (Japan), Marisa Naspolini (Brasil), Itziar Pascual (Spain), Jesusa Rodriguez (Mexico), Julia Varley(Denmark)

Autres Spectacles:

ARCO (Brasil), Comp. de danza experimental de Lola Lince (Mexico), Compañía Nacional de Teatro (Mexico), Danzarena (Mexico), Foro Libre (Mexico), Génesis (Mexico), Kalipatos (Mexico), Si artes escénicas (Mexico), Substation (Singapur), Odin Teatret (Denmark), Vagón Teatro (Mexico)

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