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Four-hand writing

March 12- Teatro Español. 

Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual, coauthors of My Girl, my little Girl , will talk about the compositional process of the text, conceived as a four-hand writing, as well as the different phases of composition, revision and correction of the same, the dialogue between dramatic writing and staging and the relationship with the translations of the text to different languages ​​(French, German and English).



Première mondial de Ma petite, ma petite chèrie

Ma petite, ma petite cherie sera du 6 mars au 7 avril au Teatro Español à Madrid, Espagne

Écrit par Amaranta Osorio et Itziar Pascual. Mis-en-scène: Natalia Menendez Jeu: Angela Cremonte et Gozailde Nuñez
Musique: Luis Miguel Cobo
Videoscene: Alvaro Luna
Scénographie et costumes: Elisa Sanz
Lumières: Juanjo Llorens
Assistant mis-en-scène: Pilar Valenciano
Assistant scènographie: Lúa Quiroga
Assistant videoscene: Elvira Zurita

Produit par Teatro Español de Madrid et Fundación Corpartes.

What I didn’t say in Madrid

14 February 2019- Work in progress- What I didn’t say,  withing the meeting of theatre and feminisms, directed by Alicia Blas and Ana Contreras at RESAD.

What I didn’t say in Kolkata, India

Work-in-progress. WHAT I DIDN’T SAY

Text and performance: Amaranta Osorio

Outside eye and video scenography:  Suzon Fuks

Scenic Space : Alicia Blas

Choreography : James Cunningham

Music: Mohn Picemin

Translated into english by Cristina Ward

Coproduction:  Igneous Company, Festival Mestiza,  Amaranta Osorio

Tantidhatri Festival, Kolkata, India

The program of Tantidhatri Festival is ready



Tantidhatri is India’s first international Women’s Performing Arts Festival. Its First Edition took place in Pondichery in 2012 and the Second, in Bangalore in 2016. This third edition, will take place in Kolkata from 15th till 20th of January 2019.

The festival is directed by Parvathy Baul and I do the artistic direction. You can see the program here.

Little participation in Primer Acto

 I participate in the magazine Primer Acto nº 355, directed by Ángela Monleón, with a small piece entitled ” Mi alegría” (My joy)


Cristina Ward translates the play what I didn’t say



Cristina Ward, translated into english my play “Lo que no dije” (What I didn’t say).

Agent in German speaking countries

Brigitte Korn- Wimmer,  from Theater Stück Verlag is my agent in German speaking countries.

In her hands is the text  “Moje Holka, moje holka”  that I wrote with  Itziar Pascual  and was translated by  Stefanie Gerhold. Thanks to the support of the Spanish Embassy in Germany.



What I did not say in Chile

Writer & performer Amaranta Osorio

1 de noviembre 2018, 15hrs in Matucana 100–  Microsala M100.

Work-in-progress of WHAT I DID NOT SAY in the Festival Mestiza

Writer and performer:  Amaranta Osorio (Mexico-Colombia-Spain)

Exterior eye and video scenography:   Suzon Fuks (Belgium- Australia)

Scenography: Alicia Blas (Spain)

Choreographer : James Cunningham (Australia)

Music: Mohn Pincemin (France)

Coproduction:, Igneous Company, Festival Mestiza and Amaranta Osorio

The text received a Mention from the jury in the Dolores de Castro Award in Mexico.
Residence in Théâtre Artephile in Avignon and in Domo Theater in Chile.

Residency in Chile

October 13 to 3o, 2018-WHAT I DID NOT SAY project- Residency with Suzon Fuks at Domo Teatro. Santiago, Chile.


Participation at the WPIC Chile



Participation at the WPIC  Chile (11th women playwrights international conference),  thanks to the support of  Acción Cultural Española.

October 9th at 15:30- Sala 5 Ana González- Reading of a fragment of the play “My girl, my little girl” written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual, translated by Phylis Zatlin. Directed by  Verónica Moraga.


Residency at Avignon

September 23 till October 3. Beautiful residency at  Théâtre Artéphile – Avignon.

Writer & performer Amaranta Osorio


Creation, playwright and performer:  Amaranta Osorio

Video-Scenography:   Suzon Fuks

Scenography: Alicia Blas

Choreographer: James Cunningham

Coproduction: Igneous Company , Festival Mestiza, Amaranta Osorio

The text had the mention of the jury in the Dolores de Castro Prize.

The play “What I didn’t say” Honorific Mention of the Dolores Castro Prize in Mexico


The text What I didn’t say by Amaranta Osorio, obtained an honorific mention in the Dolores Castro Prize 2018 in Mexico.

Phyllis Zatlin translate the play “Moje Holka” into english.


Phyllis Zatlin translated into English, the play Moje Holka, Moje Holka (My girl, my little girl) written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual.

Information about Phyllis Zatlin

Play selected by the reading committee of the Comédie Française

July 2018- The play “Ma fille, ma fille chérie” (My girl, my little girl) written by Amaranta Osorio and Itziar Pascual and translated into French by Antonia Amo and Julie Pérez, was selected for the list of outstanding plays of the Comédie Française reading committee.

The list of selected works in the 2017-2018 season

The reading committee of the comédie française.

Participation in the Spanish magazine Primer Acto


March 2018- Little participation of Amaranta Osorio, in the prestigious  Spanish magazine “Primer Acto”, with a short text entitled “Intemperie”.

Moje Holka in Munich, Germany

April 12, 2018

Dramatized reading of my play “Moje Holka, moje holka” co-writen with Itziar Pascual  at Magdalena Munchen Season, directed by Helen Varley Jamienson.

Translation:  Stefanie Gerhold. Director: Kordula Lobeck de Fabris. With:Sabine Bollenbach  and Mira Mazumdar

In Villa Waldberta (Feldafing), Germany.

With the support of the Spanish Embassy in Germany.

Program Magdalena Munchen



Moje Holka in Avignon, France

March 8th 2018 . Dramatized reading of my play “Moje Holka, moje holka”  at the Artephile theater in Avignon, France.

By : Itziar Pascual & Amaranta Osorio
With : Emmanuelle Brunschwig & Elsa Stirnemann
Translation : Antonia Amo Sanchez & Julie Pérez (
Supported by Fundación SGAE)


The play “CLIC” won the Calderon Prize for Dramatic Literature

The play “CLIC” written by Itziar Pascual and Amaranta Osorio won the II Calderon Prize for Dramatic Literature of Valladolid.

104 works were presented and the jury was made up of José Manuel Mora, Nina Reglero, Eduardo Vasco, Emilia Yagüe and José María Viteri, artistic director of the Calderón Theater. 


Photo Gerardo Sanz.

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