Septiembre (September)

Theater- Short Play
Was presented along with other shortplays in the show “Good bye Summer” at the Cultural Center Julio Cortázar and Paraninfo of the Philology Faculty Universidad Complutense. Madrid . 2008

Directed by: Juan Manuel Gómez
Written by: Amaranta Osorio
Actors: Antonio Cano, Pablo Méndez, Estrella Resco, Sandra Aguilar.
Lighting: Alfonso Pazos.
Music: Álvaro Renedo

Words of the director,Juan Manuel Gómez

The years do not start in January, they start in September , there are love stories that ends during this month. Others want to get started and the ones wh ended plus the one that started, seems to get mixed during this month of changes and renovations. The characters of this September, written by Amaranta Osorio are suddenly entangled in their uncertainties and although they would like their lives to be different (especially they would love to sing and dance as if they were in a musical) they realize that September encloses them . And the changes they hope for, are not just appointments with the name of a month but intimate revolutions that blow up when are least expected. Even in the middle of a supermarket.

  • Date : 10 February, 2015
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