2007. LUNA (Moon)


LUNA (Moon)  (2007)


Estreno en el Teatro la Candelaria en Bogotá, Colombia.

Luna is a play that talks about childhood abuse. Of a girl who loses her childhood and is hurt by someone in her family.

Premiere at the Teatro La Candelaria in Bogotá, Colombia.

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Direction: Alejandro Rodríguez / Performers: Liliana González, Santiago Alarcón, Natalia Quintero, Marta Hernández, Alex Jiménez, Eliecer Guevara, Andres Sandoval and Natalia Bedoya






¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON TANTOS MUNDOS? (What will I do with so many worlds?) (2004-2005)

¿QUÉ HARÉ YO CON TANTOS MUNDOS? (What will I do with so many worlds?) (2004-2005)


Theatre play for children, which talks about racism. Olaf, travels through several worlds of different colors and although at first is difficult for him, at the end he understands that it is better when there are more colors.

The play  was presented at different festivals in Spain (Forum of Barcelona, ​​Santander, etc.)

Author: Amaranta Osorio / Direction: Rosario Ruiz Rodgers / Musical Composition: Mitsuko R. Watanabe / Performers: Fernando Sánchez- Cabezudo, Estela Redondo, Eloisa Sinovas and Carles Moreu / Organization: Olga Gayon- Migralia.

Play created by commission of Olga Gayon.


ORGÁNICA (Organic) (2001)

ORGÁNICA (Organic) (2001)


It is a play that talks about shit, about love breaks and loneliness. But … From the shit, flowers are born.

It was premiered at the Teatro el Local -Bogotá, Colombia.

Freely inspired by an idea by Angélica Briseño.

Text and direction: Amaranta Osorio / Assistant director: Jairo Eduardo Marin / Set design: Víctor Sanchez / Costume: Fiorella Perini / Music: Group Tangüa / Performers: Luz Mary Arias, Catalina Botero, Leonardo Lozano and Jimmy Vasquez.


2017. Vietato dare da mangiare (Forbidden to feet)




2017. VIETATO DARE DA MANGIARE (Forbidden to feet)

Short theatre play.Written with Itziar Pascual.
Premiere: Teatro Español of Madrid.  Direction: Victor Sanchez. With: Aitana Sanchez Gijón.

Translated into french by Alice Bonnefoi and into greek by Styl Rodarelis.

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